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*WWW.CLICKKAY.COM- is where you can find our music & upcoming events. *Kay- Performing Live @ the AFRIFEST SHOWCASE in Aug. 15, 2009 *Kay- New Single Release Party/Birthday Party @ Visage Aug. 8th, 2009 * Kay Performing Live w/ K'naan (National Recording Artist) July 8th, 2009 *Kay Performing Live w/ Slim Thug (National Recording Artist) May 22, 2009 *NEW VIDEO "WELCOME"(INTRO) *Kay Performing Live @ CONVENTION CENTER for NEW YEARS Jan. 1, 2009 * Kay’s New Video Ad for Upcoming Event @ the Convention Center Dec. 05, 2008 * Kay Performing Live @ Element Night Club “Ladies Night” Oct. 2, 2008 * Kay Performing Live w/ Sweet Rush (National Recording Artist) Oct. 1, 2008 *Kay's New interview @ Clickkay.com *Kay’s new video is here- search Kay "let me know" *Kay at Somali night on Tues *Kay at west fire on Friday June 13th *kay's new track is here"PSSOI" *Kay's new single is out "let me know" *Kay will be performing live at the University of St. Cloud on Saturday the 19th.