Deadiron to Record New Album for Early 2014

Deadiron enters the studio this weekend to record the first notes of their newest album, tentatively titled "Cast No Shadow." The album deals with a wide variety of subject matter ranging from betrayal of friends, loyalty, honoring the fallen, overcoming depression, suicide, chivalry, and of course, the end of the world. The band expands on their 2012 debut, a punk/hardcore/thrash metal throwback, with the new album "Cast No Shadow" as it takes the classic Deadiron style and throws in some succulent ingredients. The band faces some hefty costs to make this album possible, and so, they are kindly asking for your help. To join their VIP cast of supporters, please watch their Kickstarter Video HERE: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/deadiron/deadirons-next-album

Kenny Streza joins Deadiron

The nights have grown long along the rust belt shore and the winds of winter raise in anticipation as Deadiron now announces the debut of their newest member. Though saddened at the departure of Sunny Kolattukudy, today, the fire of passion grows bright again. After a exhaustive search, the band lay their sights on a guitarist of great prowess and renown. From the recently disbanded Shades of Rage, the new rhythmic back bone of the Deadiron quintet is Kenny Streza.

Streza brings a thunder and precision to his instrument reminiscent of metal’s founding heroes. He debuts as Deadiron’s rhythm guitarist, live in their hometown of Cleveland, Ohio, in celebration of the upcoming new year. It is with high hopes that the secret of steel will ignite the flames of creation as Deadiron sets their goals towards US touring in 2013 as well as returning to the studio to record the follow up to their highly acclaimed debut album “Out of the Rust and Ruin.” The aforementioned album is now streaming and downloadable at Deadiron.com.

This year, the chalice of rock will flow and we will all drink deep.


We're just getting the machinery up and running here with DEADIRON, and recording a quality sounding EP for release. If you heard our previous rough recordings, this is completely different, and we're all happy with how it's going.

We are also looking for a second guitarist to fill out our sound.