Welcome to Dreamscapes Music Productions...

In 2003 I formed a company with a mission to help artists fulfill their dreams in music. Since then I have produced several albums, written, recorded, and performed songs with emerging artists, and managed acts including my own bands White Rabbit and Winding River. This year, I am pushing Dreamscapes Music Productions even further.

I am now offering music lessons out of my studio in Forked River, NJ. If you have always dreamed of becoming a musician are looking to become more proficient, it is my goal to get you there. I am now teaching lessons in Voice, Piano, Guitar, Bass, Trumpet, and Songwriting. Feel free to send me a message at info@dreamscapesmusic.com for more information and make an appointment to stop by and check out the studio.

In addition, I am offering preproduction sessions for bands looking to tighten up their sound before hitting the stage or studio. Let Dreamscapes Music Productions help you fulfill your dreams in music.

Contact me today! info@dreamscapesmusic.com

On the Web at: www.dreamscapesmusic.com

Have a great day, Brandon

Brandon Hans Executive Producer Dreamscapes Music Productions, LLC www.brandonhans.com

Karma and Fate Combine

In these crazy times it's nice to see some sort of miracle no matter how small. Two such events happened to me in the last few days that prove karma exists. Since Hurricane Sandy my wife and I have been helping out those in need along the Barnegat Bay with the first response team at Lacey United Methodist Church. Monday, I was able to go back to work so in the morning I planned to I run some errands and was planning to drop off leftover supplies; bucket, trash bags, sheetrock knife, & gloves back to the church. Absent minded as I am, I got in my car and started to pull out of the driveway. Realizing I didn't have my supplies to return I thought, "Hmmm, do I go back inside to get them? Or... I could just bring them back after I get back from Staples or bring them back tomorrow morning." Then I thought, no way! Somebody might need them! Now! It will take me 20 seconds to go in and get them. So, that's what I did :-) I went in, got the bucket full of stuff, dropped it at the church, and on my way out, I ran into two of my friends Kimmie and April who I haven't seen in about 6 years! It was so nice to catch up with them and reconnect. They were heading out to Ocean Gate to help those in need. I would have never met up with them if I hadn't decided to take the time to return the materials at that moment. I know it sounds like the obvious choice, but it's so easy to procrastinate and take the easier way out. I'm so glad I didn't. Then on Tuesday, I decided to go to work early in order to get a jump start on my lesson plans. As I pull out of the driveway I hear a big scraping sound! "What the @$%# was that?" I thought I was running over my garbage pail so I got out of the car to check it out. My back bumper, free from pail, was dragging on the ground! Stepping back, I saw that my driver's side rear tire was completely flat! Great, now I'm going to have to call AAA, get a tow to STS and hopefully get to work on time! Searching for a quick fix I found Fix-A-Flat in my shed and filled the tire about half-way. This got me to STS where I found out that I had, not one, but two bum rear tires; one with a nail in it and one with a screw in it! So I got both my tires fixed and made it to work on time! Pheww Today is Wednesday and you guessed it, Noreaster! Snow everywhere! So as I'm driving to work I think, "Thank you so much for that flat tire!" If I didn't have that happen to me, I may have blown a tire while driving to work in a blizzard and that would have been so so so much worse! This just goes to show you that when things get difficult, it's better to tough it out and to not get frustrated because there is a reason for everything. I don't know if it's Fate or Karma, but by trying to do the right thing, my path was placed on a better course.