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The Element's New Album "From Sand - Part I" Released!

The time has come!!! The Element's New Album "From Sand - Part I" Released! Choose your favorite store at: http://www.theelementmusic.com/#!store "From Sand - Part I" is also available at:

CD Baby: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/theelement4

iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/from-sand.-part-i/id492297271

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/From-Sand-Part-I/dp/B006RCXTNK/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1326262978&sr=8-1

Last FM: http://www.last.fm/music/The+Element/From+Sand+-+Part+I

Facebook Store: https://www.facebook.com/TheElementOfficial?sk=app_155326481208883

And many more to be announced! Thanks everyone for all the support, we hope you enjoy the ride with us! METAL \m/\m/


Rafael M, Jeremy V, Mitch S, Henry M

New CD “ From Sand - Part I release date announced

New CD “ From Sand - Part I release date announced

San Francisco Bay Area, December 08

We are proud to announce the release date of our new album titled "From Sand - Part I". The album will be available January 11, 2012. The physical CD will be distributed by CD Baby, Amazon, and Super D; and will be available in all the major digital stores such as iTunes, Amazon Mp3, Facebook(band's page), and Spotify. More stores and distributors around the world will be announced soon, stay tuned. The links to the store can be found on the band's Official Website: http://www.theelementmusic.com/. There you can also find upcoming tour dates, contact info, band profiles, and news so keep checking back for updates. Since it's a Concept album, we are releasing "From Sand - Part I" in an 8-Panel DVD Digipack format, and since we’d like to show how much our fan’s support has meant to us, the album will still be available at the regular CD price.

Line up: Rafael Macedo: Vocals & Guitars Mitch Stewart (Circle II Circle): Bass & Vocals Jeremy Villucci: Keyboards Henry Moreno (former Imagika, Taunted): Drums A music video of the single of the album "She's Made From Sand" is in production, and will be released in the coming months.

Rafael Macedo was in charge of the production of the album, and it was Mixed and Mastered by legendary producer Beau Hill (Alice Cooper, RATT, Warrant, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Gary Moore...).

The Artwork was created by Marcelo Macedo, who is an absolutely amazing artist that’s been with The Element since of the beginning - creating our Logo and the Visual Concept; and the amazing Designer Debora Finkler was in charge of the final Layout.

Rafael Macedo says: " Rafael Macedo says: the big moment is finally here!!! We could not express how happy we are to release this album. It has been an amazing experience to record, produce and work on this album with my friends and amazing musicians, Mitch, Jeremy and Henry. A BIG thanks to all of our fans for the support and we really hope you enjoy the ride with us! "

Jeremy Villucci says: "Wow. We're finally releasing this album. It's been an amazing experience to work with this band. I've grown so much as a musician since I joined and I couldn't ask for a more amazing album and a more amazing band to work with. January is going to be an amazing month, guys... Wait and see." From Sand - Part I – Tracking list

1. Please Sit Down (Intro) 0:58 2. Narrowing Part I 9:26 3. Lady In The Seashore 6:26 4. She’s Made From Sand 5:44 5. Shine Shy Shine 9:09 6. Hope Departed 6:36 7. Promises (At Least One Sunny Day) 3:49 8. The Curtains Of My Eyes 1:56

The Element New CD FM Radio Debut Ipanema FM/CD Novo Debut

The Element has the pleasure to announce that the new album "From Sand part I" will make it's Worldwide FM Radio Debut on the "Mundo Metal" show at the biggest Rock Station of Southern Brazil the 94.9 Ipanema FM. You can listen the radio online on it's website:

Weblink: http://ipanema.uol.com.br/player.php

The show goes on Air on this next Sunday-Aug 22nd night at 11pm Eastern time.

Rafael Macedo will be interviewed by Leviæthan's legendary Thrash Metal band singer Flávio Soares.

Rafael Macedo says:

" It is a absolutely a great honor for us to have the new album being played on 94.9 Ipanema FM. Especially cause it is being presented by my friend Flávio Soares. Ipanema FM Radio and Flávio are very important to The Element, considering the fact they were the first FM Radio to play the band, right before our first show as opening act for Blind Guardian.

This is a very important day for The Element, please join us! See you guys there!

The Element

O The Element tem o prazer de anunciar que fará o debut mundial de seu novo álbum "From Sand part I" em radio FM no programa Mundo Metal na Radio maior Rádio de Rock do Sul do Brasil, a 94.9 Ipanema FM . Vocês também podem escutar o programa online através do site da Ipanema FM.

Link de acesso: http://ipanema.uol.com.br/player.php

O programa vai ao ar na madrugada da próxima Segunda-Feira dia 22 de agosto da 0h as 2h da manha.

Rafael Macedo estará sendo entrevistado por Flávio Soares, lendário Headbanger da banda gaúcha Leviæthan!

Rafael Macedo comentou: " Sem dúvida é uma grande honra para nós ter o novo álbum tocado na Ipanema FM, ainda mais pelo fato de ser apresentado pelo grande Flávio Soares. Tanto a rádio, quanto o Flávio foram importantíssimos para o The Element, especialmente em 2002, antes da abertura para o Blind Guardian, que foi quando o The Element fez a sua estréia em uma Rádio FM."

É um grande dia para o The Element. Junte-se a nós!

The Element

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/theelementprog

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/theelementprog

EVH Gear Profile: http://evhgear.com/artists/artist.php?id=28

Reverbnation: http://www.reverbnation.com/theelementprog

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheElementOfficial

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New Album "From Sand" is done! Official Press Release

Concord, CA - USA July 29th

Concord, California-based progressive metallers The Element (http://www.myspace.com/theelementprog) are proud to announce that the new album "From Sand part I" is finished.

The album is considered by the band to be its best work to date and the second part to the story (Already written) will be released within the next year/year and a half.

"From Sand part I" contain 8 tracks. Rafael Macedo (The Element - Vocal/Guitar/Composer) spearheaded the production of the album, which was mixed and mastered by the legendary and amazing Producer: Beau Hill (Alice Cooper, RATT, Winger, Gary Moore, Europe, Bod Dylan, Eric Clapton to name a few (http://beauhillproductions.com/index.php/site/disc_new). The worldwide release date for 2011 and the info about the Label/Distro will be announced very soon. The band is taking its time in order to make sure that they've made the right decisions for the well-being of the band. The album's story will be told through the music. But, listeners can also read the complete story in the booklet provided with the physical copy of the album, as well as the digital booklet for those who download through web-stores like iTunes, Amazon, and all the main digital stores around the world. Listeners can also find hints about the story through other mediums such as Facebook, Reverbnation, MySpace...etc, which will be combined with Promotions to value the most loyal fans. In the meantime, the band is Promoting the upcoming release doing workshops, and doing FM and Internet radio interviews all over the world. Rafael Macedo is also doing a series of Guitar Clinics and Workshops in Brazil. The focus of the workshops will be, Promote the new album, talking about his guitar work, and also talk about all the Music Instrument companies which he endorses, such as EVH Gear, Jackson, Morley Pedals, InTune Picks, S.I.T Strings, Gator Cases, Liszko Straps...

EVH Wolfgang Official Guitar Demo by Rafael Macedo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UX3K7hG0UNI&hd=1

Rafael M and Jeremy V Guitar/Key Duets: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=av6kUvkhAmg&hd=1

Rafael Macedo (Vocals/Guitars/Composer) says: " We're completely stoked about the new album. Beau's job with the Mix/Master is so good that it is scary. I have no doubt this is our best work so far, and we're really anxious to release and start playing live to our fans. My band mates, Mitch Stewart (CIIC), Jeremy Villucci and Henry Moreno played their ass off on this album, I'm really lucky to have them by my side." Jeremy Villucci (Keyboard Player/Co-Songwriter) Says: “I make a lot of jokes about these guys and this band. But, truth be told, this album is amazing. I’m so grateful to be a part of a project as inspiring as this. The music is mindblowing and I’m really, REALLY excited for everyone to experience this with us.”

Beau Hill says: "THE ELEMENT…caught my attention with their excellent material, an unusual focus on arrangement details, and progressive melodic hooks…sounds like the recipe for a hit to me"

We hope to see you guys on the road really soon! Thanks to all our fans for the support! Tracking List "From Sand part I": 1 - "Please Sit Down..." 2 - "Narrowing part I" 3 - "Lady In The Seashore" 4 - "She's Made From Sand" 5 - "Shine Shy Shine" 6 - "Hope Departed" 7 - "Promises ( At Least One Sunny Day)" 8 - "The Curtains Of My Eyes"

You can hear samples of the work on the links below:

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/theelementprog

Beau Hill Official website: http://beauhillproductions.com/index.php/site/disc_new

Reverbnation: http://www.reverbnation.com/theelementprog

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheElementOfficial

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/theelementprog SoundClick: http://www.soundclick.com/theelementofficial

New album being mixed by Beau Hill - New Single Available on our Player

For Immediate release!

Progressive Metal Act, "The Element" is proud to announce that legendary producer, Beau Hill (http://beauhillproductions.com/), of bands such as RATT, Warrant, Winger, Alice Cooper, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Gary Moore, and Europe, is mixing/mastering the much anticipated album. Beau Hill showed interest in working with the band a couple months ago after hearing the pre-production of the upcoming album. We from The Element were ecstatic, considering what an honor it would be to work with such an amazing producer like Beau.

A quote from Beau Hill: "The Element caught my attention with their excellent material, an unusual focus on arrangement details, and progressive-melodic hooks...sounds like the recipe for a hit to me..."

The first three songs were finished in August and the new single, "She's Made From Sand" is now available for online streaming on our Myspace page. This is just one piece of the story that is told with our new concept album. The band has been working on this project for some time and the chemistry between Rafael Macedo, Mitch Stewart (Circle II Circle), Jeremy Villucci, and Henry Moreno (Former Imagika, Taunted) has given way to some amazing material and it is definitely our best work to date. The album is currently untitled. The name of the album, song samples, and hints about the story will be announced soon. A big thanks to our Fans, Friends and Family, you guys are the BEST!!!

Stay tuned!!!