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New CD

I am so proud of what we did. I can't wait for everyone to hear these 11 new songs! Many of you have heard live versions of some of the CD, but to hear the disc in its complete recorded form... Egads! I want to post it now for all to hear, but I'll be patient. Just a couple more weeks. Until then... Let us know what you think of the free download we put out tomorrow!


I am so stoked to be playing with these guys Thursday night! I know that we'll be done by the time most people show up, but we're playing on the same stage the same night with one of the bands that I looked up to as a teen. I was all over the "Reality..." album! -SB

3-21-11 2:02AM INSOMNIA

It's not even known if anyone ever reads these things as I'm typing these thoughts to the world (or at least those currently able to get to this page). I picked up a new guitar this weekend that at first glance mirrors the one I've had for several years. I purchased it from the store and played it on stage within the first 3 hours of ownership. I also felt inspired to write with it today. I'm still not sure if it will be my main instrument live, but it will definitely see a lot of action. I'll keep "you" posted... Sean