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Autism Research and DNA Sharing With Participants

I am the father of a 19-year-old severely autistic/epileptic son who is non-verbal. As a family we have participated in many studies administered by Vanderbilt Medical Center at our own expense regarding travel since we live 2 hours away. In a nutshell; during these studies Blood is drawn and entire DNA work ups are done on subjects with the goal to identify genetic markers that may contribute to the disease. Of course the overall goal is to determine cause and treatment for the disease. I have inquired of the researches why they would not make the DNA info available to participants and received no satisfactory answer. These DNA work ups can cost thousands and be invaluable to the participants for various reasons. For example, my youngest son, who is not autistic, might use that info to plan for his future family planning, whether to have kids and the risks associated therewith, myself and my sons mother may be susceptible to some non-related disease that we need to know about to plan on long term care for our son after we are gone. It is as if they are withholding information that could make a significant difference in our life and future planning. The question is why would they withhold such information? Is it because it might affect Pharmaceutical companies earnings? I have studied and can find no logical reason for this withholding of information, it seems that if they want to help those battling Autism this would be an immediate way to do so, after all they have already spent the money as we have spent our time, what would be the harm? This could make a difference in thousands of families lives and I think is worthy of investigation. This is valuable DNA info that we could never afford that might be very helpful and is just sitting there in a file. It really makes no sense to me? I will continue to do all I can to do my part to volunteer for the effort in finding a cure. It just seems suspicious almost self-serving (to the powers that be) to withhold this info. What is your opinion?

Phone Spoofing Must read this

Stop!!! Alert to all cell phone users. You can no longer trust your caller ID. you must read this article and express your concern in the comment portion. There needs to be immediate legislation to protect each and every citizen against the potential damages that could result from such technology. A MUST READ FOR IF YOU USE A CELL PHONE http://www.murfreesboropost.com/red-alert-phone-spoofing-read-for-your-own-safety-cms-25714