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Download ADAM AND STEVE for free

I guess the title gives away what the song is about :) A Gay or Lesbian couple choosing to turn their bond into what they call marriage HURTS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING AND NOBODY......except for the feelings of a bunch of hypocritical small dicked bible thumping HONKYS...and really who besides Fox "News" beck limbaugh or pat robertson GIVES A FLYING FUCK what they think???

I'll stop rambling :) Go to http://www.brentblysdarkambition.com and hit the MUSIC tab....My New BBDA Cd called NECESSARY EVIL is right there, ADAM AND STEVE is yours for the taking

Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to practice for the Monroe County Fair next weekend...and maybe before bed I'll watch a French Adult Movie and "Love the Customer" :)

Track Listing for my new CD.....NECESSARY EVIL

going to bounce all of the tracks today and nitpick it until the 21st....which is also my 40th birthday...It's been quite an emotional roller coaster but I'm glad it's pretty much done...I think it's my best DARK AMBITION project yet...I'll post it online February 21st..

the Track Listing :)

1. Goddamn Religion 2. Adam and Steve 3. Stand Your Ground 4. We're All Freaks With The Lights Out 5. Super Kush 6. Psycho Jah 7. Say My Name in Vain 8. Evil Inside Me 9. I Don't Give a Fuck About You 10. Pussy Envy 11. Me and My Ego 12. Redneck America 13. Scum Like You


My new Dark Ambition CD will be called NECESSARY EVIL...It will be out in February of 2013...I swear this music is going to freak people out...It even freaks me out...

My New Project

My new project will be called "American Lies Thru American Eyes"...not sure what it will be.....a full album, an ep....or a book of poetry...don't know :)


I know this is my DARK AMBITION music page...but bear with me :) In need of "exposure" for my musical aspirations I embarked on a slight career in modeling....Not really my thing, I'd like to think that I have just a little substance :)....I did shoots from 2006 up until December of 2009....Had an appearance in PLAYGIRL (brentbly.com got 10x the webhits)...But I'm a musician first and foremost...

But I guess it’s not everyday that you get an email that says “Guess who’s in the Winter 2010 edition of PLAYGIRL?” (It has fellow drummer Phil Varone on the cover)…Seems that there is a contest in which winners of the “Real Man of the Month” ( I won in the July/August 08 issue) are entered in a contest to win the title of REAL MAN OF THE YEAR…The top 10 vote getters advance to a 2nd round…..The winner of the entire contest gets a trip to New York City and his own shoot in an upcoming issue of PLAYGIRL…

I’ve been so busy with my music and my band Brent Bly’s Dark Ambition, and my new CD (only 3 bucks at cdbaby.com/brentblysdarkambition ). I haven’t done any modeling recently. I didn’t even know about the contest until a friend of mine emailed me and told me. Despite what some of the idiotic narrow minded rednecks that I’m surrounded by on a daily basis might think of me I don’t read PLAYGIRL and am not a subscriber. Would have been nice to get a heads up so I could promote it and try to win…But no worries, it’s all good.

I am on page 86.. 3 pics and a bio (and a plug for this website)….You can vote by buying the magazine and sending in the “ballot”. Or you can send an email to editor@playgirl.com with “Real Man of the Year” in the subject line. Vote for me…..I’m on Page 86……I’m “#23 Brent Bly” :)

I wasn’t really planning to model anymore…might have to come out of retirement….and shave :)

take care