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Talent Always Shines Through

I was switching channels the other night, looking for something to watch, and there was this new show on MTV called Inocente. I was intrigued from the start to see this eccentric young girl tell her story. She and her family are homeless, and have moved from shelter to shelter her whole life. It was such a sad story to hear. But I was amazed how mature she seemed, and so focused on her art. Her paintings are so creative, colorful, and unique. It made me realize no matter what your circumstances are if you have a talent, a dream, it's like your lifeblood. You must pursue it, because that's what gets you through even the toughest times. I hope this young girl succeeds, if anyone does she deserves it!

Music with a Message

In these times we need music to help keep us in check. I was talking with a friend last night, who is a musician as well, and we both agreed that our songwriting leans toward the positive. That isn't to say we don't have times of being in the negative slump. But music can be like therapy, and help you to work through problems that are plaguing you. I guess that is why certain songs speak to the masses. It's like people relate to what the songwriter is trying to say. Let's all try and stay positive because in these times, there is too many things that can bring you down. "Negativity brings nothing but sorrow, and if you see your tomorrow as something beautiful, let yourself go." Whatever that may be....