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Hillbilly Harlots…the girls

I'm excited to let you all know Hillbilly Harlots are back in action! After a quiet period from the ladies, recordings are in the works and tours have begun. Thanks to The Punknecks for letting the Hillbilly Harlots hop on tour! After finishing a summer tour, the girls sign on for another one at the Beginning of the year in January 2016. More details about shows can be found on The Punknecks website www.punknecks.com Get the hottest americana lady act now! hillbillyharlotsband@gmail.com

Halloween is here!

St Louis has special guests The Punknecks returning to town for a goulish night at The Haunt for Halloween! Costumes recommended, Good Time required!

Fall is on the Brink!

I can't believe it! Since the van accident, we have been swept up in a whirlwind! We managed to find a Punkneck motor home to keep the 10 year tour going. We met up with friends and toured feat. Hillbilly Harlots and Russ T. Nutz down in Florida and Georgia. Now, we have fall tour dates just up ahead. I'm really excited because we are hitting new places and faces for fall! Check out our tour dates www.punknecks.com we perform in Virginia, Maryland, Ohio and Michigan to name a few. Help us welcome the turn of the season, come out and see us and tell your friends something special is coming.

We had a car accident!

Well, a "van" accident. We are okay but the Van is totaled! Super bummer, but not gonna stop us. We are looking for a new tour vehicle. If ya Want to donate to our cause, $25 or more and you will receive a Punkneck Tshirt! PayPal thepunknecks@gmail.com Thanks, wish us luck! Xoxox Polly

Russ T Nutz joins us on Tour this May!

I am sooooo excited to have Russ join us on tour, rocking his solo music as well as joining the Punknecks on stage. This guy is huge behind the scenes on our Punkneck Team! He has filmed numerous video footage, produced and recorded Punknecks and has slept in The Punknecks tour van before, this ain't his first rodeo! Just days from now, we join up and the shenanigans begin. Check out his online profile and projects--- Russ T. Nutz, Blue Jeans Khaki Pants, and Tim Jones Studio.

We're on Touchtunes Jukebox!

It's official, The Punknecks album Road to Nowhere, is on a Touchtunes jukebox near you! Celebrate with me, a glass of wine and a bunch of dollars for The Pirate Song!🙆

Feat. Girl-O-Rama

The month of March, the Punknecks featured the Girl-O-Rama Tour (featuring Fatt Legs and Polly Punkneck). Can't wait for the next tour with these girls! I had an amazing time with these amazing ladies. Their talent and beauty was a charm to be around:) look out for another Girl-O-Rama tour end of summer.

Feat. The Graysmiths

For the month of February, we had the pleasure of having The Graysmiths join us. Two shows left in Georgia and Tennessee. Can't wait to share all the memories thru videos and pictures…coming soon.

Kickstarter Campaign

Only days left! Help us make a new music video! The Punknecks: Filmstars https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/punknecks/the-punknecks-filmstars

New Album for Sale!

It's here! You can listen for FREE to my new album online! www.cdbaby.com/cd/pollypunkneck7 It's available for digital download for a low price. Check it out! love polly