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Songs free for down load.

Since all my current distros have timed out all songs are now free for downloading. (I like to share. . . LOL)

Wishsong music video previewis up. . .

Just put up my animated music video for the song WISHSONG. Well, a preview of it anyway. still learning CG animation using Blender.


Check out "Rise".

New songs

I now have two new songs for downloading. . FREE! Eternal Moment is about the memory of a short time with a loved one that made the existence of the universe the purpose for that short time. The other is a blues that I wrote about getting off your ass and making something of your life. .. .

Wish Song ( a new novel )

I have gotten into the novelist business. I have started a novel based on the story behind Wish Song. I have two chapters thus far and I'm starting to get stuck on the plot. (Maybe I could let my fans help with Idea Submissions...) Go to jetplaneonline.com to read the Introduction.