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FALL Tour dates/locations just announced. YOU CAN HELP!

Dates for my tour! PLEASE READ, you can dearly help. B=Booked NB=Not Booked/Needs Booking H=Holding

Bands/fans/friends contact me via message if you want to help.

Aug. 29 THU Mandan/Bismark,ND (NB) Aug. 30 FRI Elizabeth, MN (H) Aug. 31 SAT Rockin' K Labor Day Fest (B) Sept. 1 SUN Rockin' K Labor Day Fest (B) Sept. 2-4 MON-WED OFF in Lake Country, MN Sept. 5 THU Anywhere around Fargo/Morehead, MN (NB,NB) Sept. 6 FRI Fergus Falls, MN (H,NB) Sept. 7 SAT Lake Country, MN Party (H,NB) Sept. 8-11 SUN-WED OFF Lake Country, MN Sept. 12 THU Nevis, MN Terrapin Station (B) Sept. 13 FRI International Boundary Waters Canoe Area, MN (NB) Sept. 14 SAT International Boundary Waters Canoe Area, MN (NB) Sept. 15-18 SUN-WED OFF Int. Boundary Waters Canoe Area,MN OFF Sept. 19 THU N. Hudson, WI Mudds and Sudds (B) Sept. 20 FRI Madison, WI (H) Sept. 21 SAT Wausau, WI (H) Sept. 22-25 SUN-WED OFF UP of Michigan OFF Sept. 26 THU Rockford, MI Rockford Brewery (B) Sept. 27 FRI Kalamazoo, MI (H) Sept. 28 SAT ST. JOSEPH,MI (H) Sept. 29,30 North East, IN (NB) Oct. 1 TUE Cincinatti, OH (H) Oct. 2 WED OFF Dayton, OH OFF Oct. 3 THU Dayton, OH (NB) Oct. 4 FRI Huntington, WV (NB) Oct. 5 SAT Akron, OH (H) Oct. 6 SUN Erie, PA Crooked I (B) Oct. 7 MON OFF (Traveling) Oct. 8 TUE Hamden, CT Outer Space (B) Oct. 9 WED Hamden, CT Outer Space (B) Oct. 10 THU Worcester, Ma (H) Oct. 11 FRI Pawlett, VT (H) Oct. 12 SAT Albany, NY (H) Oct. 13 SUN Gloversville, NY Limbo's (B) Oct. 14 MON West MA (H) Oct. 15 TUE OFF (traveling) Oct. 16 WED Johnstown, PA Dan's B-Day Shenanigans Oct. 17 THU Morganton, WV (H) Oct. 18 FRI Charleston, WV Empty Glass (B) Oct. 19 SAT Athens, OH Jackie O's Brewery (B) Oct. 20-22 Possible Party in North KY SUN-TUE OFF (traveling) Oct. 23 WED Americus/Delphi/Lafayette, IN Helltoupee's Garage (B) Oct. 24 THU Chicago, IL Reggie's (B) Oct. 25 FRI Iowa City, IA The Mill (B) Oct. 26 SAT Dubuque,Ia Eronel (B) Oct. 27 SUN Catfish Fry OFF/PARTY Oct. 28 MON Ames, Ia Ames Progressive (B) Oct. 29 TUE Des Moines,Ia (H,NB) Oct. 30 WED OFF (traveling) Oct. 31 THU Kansas City, KS (H,NB) Nov. 1 FRI Lawrence, KS (H,NB) Nov. 2 SAT Wichita, KS Shamrock Lounge (B) NOV. 3-5 SUN-TUE OFF OFF (traveling/camping) Nov. 6 WED East CO I-70 (H,NB) Nov. 7 THU Fort Collins, CO (H) Nov. 8 FRI Boulder, CO (NB) Nov. 9 SAT Denver, CO (H,NB) Nov. 10 SUN Loveland, CO La Casa Estrella (B) Nov. 11 MON Grand Junction, CO (H,NB) Nov. 12-13 TUE-WED OFF (traveling) Nov. 14 THU Moab, Ut (H,NB) Nov. 15 FRI Provo, UT ABG's (B) Nov. 16 SAT Park City, UT (H) Nov. 17 OFF HOME!!!

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Hi, I truly appreciate all the help everyone has given me in the past. My music life has been awesome and a wild ride. This is a 19 song collection of that. ALL ORIGINAL SONGS! Check it out. DONATE IF YA CAN. http://smokestackandthefoothillfury.bandcamp.com/album/best-of-the-bourbon-years-2007-2010

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IT'S BEEN DECIDED! I will be removing the 3 old cd's, that are condensing into..."Best of the Bourbon years"...... Go get the whole CD'S for free to download NOW! "Kitchen Recordings", "A Live Wire", and "Alive Against Better Wishes". Go get them by next FRIDAY. THEY WILL BE NO LONGER AVAILABLE.....http://smokestackandthefoothillfury.bandcamp.com/

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I am gonna be condensing the 3 albums . "Kitchen Recordings", "A Live Wire" , and "Alive Against Better Wishes" into one CD called "Best of the Bourbon Years". This is the time to get em while the gettin's good....... Thanks to everyone that has thrown in a few dollars anyways. I will be DISCONTINUING them but, they are free now! http://smokestackandthefoothillfury.bandcamp.com/

Japan eats fish and rice, we should eat Cows and corn

I am starting to realize that I don't like where America is going. You got all these social media things goin on, that I can't keep up with them, nor do I care. DOES this make me weird. not to give a damn bout liking some"Did you vote today" icon on my facebook. I don't know why I have this thing and definitely don't know how to use it. I don't care bout this stuff, well frankly dear, cause I just don't give a damn. I like listening to and writing my own tunes, or listening to something pure and true. I mean folks from Willie Nelson(who's heart is bigger than his hat), All Bucket City Agency's artists, along with all the other DIY'ers, the great NPR, and well, hate to say it ...myself. SmokeStack and the Foothill Fury. My SmokeStack and the Foothill Fury project is just that. It is all original. I have done so many benefits and played for whatever I could get my ass across the country for. Just trying to do something original as I can. A one man deal, no compromises to better the music played live today. I will go ahead and tell you....I HATE cover tune bands, they could all be shipped off to some isle in the Pacific. Left to starve and be bored with their music choice in life. Music used to be original , RIGHT, thats what these dumb jackasses are getting to play....it was somone's original. America was a great place to get live music, but we are so media driven and don't see the bigger picture....WE ARE ONE OF THE BADDEST ASS COUNTRIES OUT THERE and OUR MUSIC THAT GETS HEARD ON THE RADIO IS NORMALLY TRIPE. THIS makes no sense to me. There is a whole thing goin on under the mass populations noses and they can't smell us, cause no one is telling them to. I wish there was some real media company out there with enough gumption and insight to see where the music is goin. AMERICA is craving a new thing and all of us corporate music hating machines are gonna do our best to make it happen. Just hope someone helps the train get to the station. I feel all the weight of this messed up country weighing down on my shoulders...I wish that I was in the position to get some words out there, cause my thoughts are deep and driven to make this great country. GREATER. Nobody knows how to fix it, but how about getting rid of any goods not grown or made in America. If we can't grow it or make it here, we should not have it. Japanese eat fish and rice. Why can't we eat cows and corn. Not have GI Joes, unless Matell or whoever wants to sell crap here, make it here. Get a grip folks, this free trade crap is the first thing that needs to go. Gas is the next thing, I love my 71 plymouth Valiant but it has to go, or the technology has to get better. Legalize the Reefer, Marijuana is one of the safest things recreationally done, and if every American that wanted to grow weed paid a couple hundred a year to grow. It was taxed at coffee houses or dispensaries. And was able to be used in all the ways it is capable. The country would come outta recession quick. I realize I am not gonna be able to do anything about it, but me being a American deeper than a patriot or a politician....I mean a fella that can build a hand hewn cabin, skin a damn animal no matter what kind, brew beer, make wine, find safe water, play bout anything my heart desires (my way though). Farm. Pretty much anything I want to think I can do. I find all this crap the country is goin thru really messed up....politicians are willing to spend millions and millions for a job that gets them a tenth or less in comparison. AND...... WE ARE SUPPOSE TO TRUST THEM or THINK THEY are WATCHING OUT FOR US. Some politicians get paid for ever, til they no longer exist. Wonder why we are broke as a country and spiraling as a society.

THANKS so much for reading

I am now reluctantly but willingly on FACEBOOK.... Here is the link!

here ya go, please add me as a fan, and help me make it happen....on the road all the time!!! http://www.facebook.com/pages/SmokeStack-and-the-Foothill-Fury/113437806195 again, you should add me as a fan, I will do my best to keep this thing updated!!! THANKS


Big Bad " OUT WEST TOUR" Fall 2009 OH,IA,UT,MT,WA,OR,CO,OK Aug 22 2009 9:00P OREGON EXPRESS Dayton, Ohio Aug 27 2009 9:30P Venue CLosed NEED GIG!!!! Fort Madison, Iowa Aug 28 2009 9:00P MONK’S KAFFEE & PUB Dubuque, Iowa Aug 29 2009 3:00P THE ANTI SOCIAL PEP RALLY @ SIN CITY see description for line-up Clinton, Iowa Aug 29 2009 8:30P THE MILL RESTARAUNT Iowa City, Iowa Sep 1 2009 9:00P BURT’S TIKI BAR Salt Lake City, Utah Sep 2 2009 9:00P THE BADLANDER Missoula, Montana Sep 4 2009 10:00P THE FILLING STATION Bozeman, Montana Sep 5 2009 8:00P THE SWAMP TAVERN Spokane, Washington Sep 6 2009 8:00P THE SWAMP TAVERN’S Blues Jam Spokane, Washington Sep 8 2009 9:00P DIABLO’S Eugene, Oregon Sep 9 2009 9:00P BEND, OR TBA Bend, Oregon Sep 11 2009 8:00P ORIENTAL THEATER others TBA Denver, Colorado Sep 12 2009 10:00P THE ROCKET ROOM Colorado Springs, Colorado Sep 15 2009 9:00P HI-LO CLUB with/ Bloody Ol’ Mule Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Kickin' Ass Tour 2009.....Done.....THANKS to all !!!!

Kickin' Ass Tour 2009.....Done.....THANKS to all !!!! Was a mighty fine experience. Thanks to all that helped me out....Friends, fans, and folks I don't know. Alot of great things happened, a few not so, and a few that I just wanna forget. Miles added up, were around 14,893 3 tires blown( still driving on the last dry rotted tire), bought 2 new ones and CrankShaft gave me a free one to install as a mighty fine spare! roughly 750 +/- gallons of petro Some oil(cause it burns it and leaks it), misc. car parts, and a tow. States conquered: Massachusetts Connecticut New York Pennsylvania New Jersey Maryland West Virginia Virginia Ohio North Carolina South Carolina Georgia Florida Alabama Tennessee Kentucky Indiana Michigan Wisconsin Minnesota Iowa Illinois Arkansas Missouri Texas Oklahoma Kansas Nebraska South Dakota North Dakota Colorado Wyoming Montana Washington Oregon Utah Louisiana SMOKEY WANTS YOU!