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Afton Shows Booking Review: MyAfton.com Presents Awesome Chicago Music Showcase

On November 8th I Performed at Fizz In Chicago in the Lincoln Park area. My booking representative Amy Cordy was in touch with me the whole step of the way informing me of everything to expect the night of the show. When i got to the show Tim the event manager made sure everything ran smoothly. The night went very well with an amazing turn out and i had a great time at this show. Definitly looking forward to booking more shows with Afton.

Sex sells but has it gone to far???

Sex sells in the entertainment business its no secret theres even celeberties who are celeberties simply because they made a sex tape so do you think it has gone to far or do you think its just buisness???

7TRE of V.S.
7TRE of V.S.  (over 3 years ago)

It's sounds like it's just the way of the world...the majority. I'm sticking with Christ...I encourage you to too! God bless!!!

What is Hip Hop Music to you????

Hip Hop has been around for a while now and has been through many stages and defined in many different ways. it has been linked to everything from fashion to crime so i would like to start off my blog asking you to define Hip Hop as you know it. All responses are welcome please feel free to express yourself

Forty Five Music
Forty Five Music  (over 3 years ago)

Hip hop is classic rap is gangsta but wit both you get the package. Hip hop/rap is at its worst and best hip hop though it's classic music that express life thoughts, sexy songs, moving music like when biggie came out but I believe we are seeing that tupac n biggie collabo in us new artist that are coming out I mix it up cuz I like to create with my mind n heart I love this game so im on the chase thanks for letting us express wat we have to offer check out www.reverbnation.com/label/45swagent