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Zen Christaianity

Werner Earhard is my Guru St Issa is my Buddah Yeshua is my Rebbeh Jesus is My Lord Bend ur Head round that Babies,Love is All

Upcoming Stuff!

Songs to Good To Forget Remix and Adds House of the Rising Sun ..Acoustic Lesson Vid We Gotta Get outta This Place...Bass Solo Animals Devils Hole...Original, Multitracked Multi Instruments for "Runaway Train" Bad Memories...Original PTS Song...Acoustic... "for Runanway Train" Tobacco Road...Acoustic An Acapella Album featuring Gospel and Theatrical tunes...yep! No Kiffin! Please be Kind. 7 years since theyt said I wouldn`t live the week,3 years with a blocked brainstem! Time to sing a little praise to the Lord! Thanks fans for listening!