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Becoming US citizen

In few more days, I will be taking the test to become US citizen. I am excited about it, yet in my blood i know i am still 99.9% vietnamese.


I am getting ready for this Sat. show.

a day ahead

i still work on gmat exam! it is such a hard exam that i spent 7 months studying but not get the good score yet. such a punch

Morning Rise

That is the title of the song I wrote for the singer Yesoe Yoon. It will be a combination of jazz and pop

A Monday in Fall

A day is not like other days. I am full of thoughts and anticipations. My plan for future is on the rise. The music project is going with unclear future, but at least it is there. I sit down and get it done everyday. My work ethic is high than ever and I have passed the last few days with huge energy. I am thankful to God for giving me the energy for whatever I did. I am also thankful for all the friends that I am meeting on the way of my life. All of those are the sources for me to go on.

my future

Another day has passed by without interesting news. I am planning for a future basing on a steady daily basis. I am learning that we have to set timetable for plans. For me, the plans that work are one day, one month and one year. I hope each plan will work it out beautifully, but maybe it doesnt work. However, I am looking toward to the future to see if my plans lay out the way they should.

Music Friends

In the nine years of living in Chicago, I have met so many friends. Some are just acquaitants and some are real friends. Surprisingly, they are all music friends. I astound of one friend who invests his money and energy to music. He is an engineer who dedicates his free time to buying music, doing karaoke and collecting songs. We have played along and fun along. Such a great friend!!!

I will be coming home this Sunday

Time flys quick, i have been in Chicago for eight years and half. It isnt a long time but, there have been a lot going on. I have finished school, worked and married woooh. Now that going home is approaching. I am in a dual feeling: anticipation and anxiety. Of course, i m always happy to be back to vn. My parents, brothers, sisters and friends are there. Neverthless, my work is here. I bought a new house recently. I need to decorate the house, make money to pay morgage. So I am torn between the two, and try to be happy after all.

What do you do on the Friday morning?

The sense of time goes so quick. Today is the end of weekdays, i already felt like weekend. What did I do for this week? Probably learning something. I have tried to figure out house structure, computer basic operation, practice some piano and observe my brother in law fixing the house. They are ordinary stuff that you dont bother when you have other things to do. What is other things to do here, I still dont know. I feel like an unemployed for a while. Eventhough I do teach, most of them occur in the afternoon, so I am open during the day. The art of spending time is fun too. Let schedule yourself with learning new stuff so you will not get bored and look for a new things to do with your time. It will be effective at one point.

Musician loooks for a job

What is like to be an musician? Its both an honor and a hardship that you want to take. Undountly, music is a gift from God to people that you have to be a lucky one to receive. From a young age, you have been exposed music in numerous ways and most of the time, you will find it disapointing verse satisfaction. Assumingly, you have achived a music degree. Then, the hardship comes. Because you find yourself in a desert, without all the support from school, home and family. You have to be the one finding a job. The funny thing is not many music jobs are related to performance, rather they are accompanying or teaching jobs. Here you are, what you have dreamt and what the true is. They are contradicting with each other.