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show, show, show..

is going to have me as an addition to his shows on the 25th, 26, and 27th, in Columbus, IN, Muncie, IN, and finally Logansport, IN.. Make sure to check it out on facebook! look for "twentyonejumpstreet" .. thanks, hope to see you there!!

oh- $7 cd's will be available. "Ace's High" including 15 tracks. 574-297-6768. doesnt matter where you live. I'll mail them out to you if you take advantage of 10 for 50..

2 new tracks

for Ace's High Mixtape.. keep checkin the page!


yo.. im trying to get to that fancy little number 1 spot... bring me my traffic!! and maybe whoever i think my biggest fan is can have a song . . .

What up world..

So i'm making progress quickly on reverbnation! thanks for keeping traffic up! and need i say, continue? it means only the world to me..

It has been released...

and it is crazy. i did post the lyrics too... go find a new appreciation for a tormented genius' mind..

This next one...

I don't even know what to say about this next one im going to put up.. I'll probably have to put the lyrics up with it to make sure you guys get a full understanding for it.. It's . . . it's something else.. in the mean time "Talk About Me"

What's up guys..

You should check out my showcase if you haven't already...don't forget to vote and comment!!


Tell a friend....

If you like my songs, maybe your friends will too! Don't hesitate to share! There is enough to go around lol