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Alissa Beyer Los Angeles Showcase To Kick Off Grammy Week

Hey everyone!

If you've been keeping up with the music then you know that the brand new album "Shades Of You" is a month away from being released! But that is not the only exciting news...

Because of this project, many industry professionals (including Coldplay's manager, SONY, and EMI) have given us their ears. Not only do we have their attention, but they have requested a showcase in Los Angeles to kick off Grammy Week! Meaning my band and I will play for hundreds of industry proffessionals from across the world! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that I am seriously honored to have been given.

The majority of the cost is covered by the major labels that requested the showcase; however, not all of it. For the next 35 days, I am holding a fundraiser to help get the band there and back (and fed). The goal is $1,000 by January 31st, 2012. The showcase will be held on February 10th, in Hollywood, CA.

You guys have been so amazingly generous and supportive of my music and for that, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am blessed to be surrounded by such great people.

Any little bit helps :)

To find out more information or to make a donation, visit: http://www.indiegogo.com/Alissa-Beyer-Los-Angeles-Showcase-To-Kick-Off-Grammy-Week?a=111381 Please spread the word! Happy Holidays! Alissa Beyer

Back from New York!

This trip was amazing! My first time to the Big Apple :)

The meeting with Sony went great! Josh Sarubin, the VP, is such a cool down to earth guy! After we met Josh, he showed Clif and I into this cozy little conference room (very casual and welcoming) where we met Danny Strick (president of Sony/ATV Publishing), the head of the Nashville branch for Sony/ATV (he signed Taylor Swift), along with a few marketing representatives, secretaries, assistance, etc. Soon enough, we were into the showcase. Clif and I played a total of 5 songs (Beautiful, Colors, Can't Walk Away, The Only Thing, and If The Sun). The first 4, Clif and I played together. I accompanied myself on piano on the last song. Everyone seemed to love it! Clif and I thanked everyone for having us out, shook hands, etc.

After the showcase, we followed Josh into his office to discuss and get some feedback/advice on what to do next. He had some great ideas (many of which are already being worked on)! We discussed potential relocation along with steps to take towards some artist development. No contract yet but some very exciting plans are being made!

There were a few other surprise showcases later that day! After lunch, Clif met with Atlantic Records to play my songs. Surprisingly, they really liked it and said that they'd love for us to keep them informed on what is going on with my music! Next, we went to a showcase at EMI. A little bit of a smaller showcase than the Sony one, but the people were just as nice! We played 4 of the 5 songs. They were interested as well! Like Atlantic, they asked for us to keep them informed and offered their assistance in any way possible! Although no contracts were thrown my way, each label we met with has some great feedback and wanted to help! Some great connections were made and some amazing artist development plans are being made.

Thursday, I wrote with Teddy Geiger! What a cool guy! The song (titled "Let's Get Lost") turned out great!

Friday, I wrote with Jay Levine! Once again, I was amazed by his creativity! The song we wrote is called "What I'm Made Of".

Saturday morning, I hopped on a plane and came back to Lubbock. Clif asked me if I was NYC sick or happy to be back home. Honestly, its a little bit of both. I am happy to get back in routine; however, I do miss the productivity and adventure of New York City! Who knows, maybe I'll be back sooner than I think ;)

Alissa Beyer

PS: Be on the lookout for the new website! www.alissabeyer.com It should be up and running by the end of the week! :)

Sony Showcase in NYC!

Hey everyone!

So far, serious things are happening with the music & huge doors are being opened! Clif (my producer) has a meeting with Hollywood Records tomorrow (Wednesday) where he will be playing my songs! Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers as he meets with these people. I have been so lucky to be paired up with such an amazing producer and all around good person who sincerely believes on me and wants to see me succeed.

Speaking of Clif, I thought it would only be fair to let you guys know that we just finished another song for the EP! "Can't Walk Away" is the name. I'm so excited for you guys to hear it... Hopefully very soon!

Also, the plane tickets are in hand & hotel reservations are ready to go... I'll be in NYC next week meeting with Sony!!! I fly out Tuesday morning, have the showcase Wednesday at noon, co-writes Thursday and Friday, then fly home Saturday morning. Please keep me in your thoughts as I take this huge step in my music! I'm so excited but also pretty nervous (I don't know how I couldn't be with an opportunity like this).

Thank you everyone who has helped me get this far! I'm not stopping here!

Alissa Beyer

Your not going to believe this but...

A few hours before we were going to leave to Los Angeles, Clif called me saying that we would have to reschedule this trip! He came down with what he thinks is bronchitis & is not able to work! He and his wife recently visited their daughter in France & both came home with some nasty lung stuff. He thought that he could tough it out and fight it off but it got the best of him. He's on "bed rest" until this stuff clears up...


This trip is NOT CANCELLED, but merely postponed. I am in contact with Aaron (Clif's manager) and we are looking to reschedule as soon as Clif is well again.

I would have posted this blog sooner but seriously just haven't been able to... technology stinks. Plus, my phone is no longer in working condition (cutting me off from the world completely)!

To everyone who I got hyped up and excited about this trip, I sincerely apologize that this happened.. but KEEP THE HYPE! This thing is still happening! Ill be in LA as soon as nature decides to take the back seat and Clif is well again.

Thanks to everyone who has been so supportive! I'll keep you guys updated with what is going on...

Alissa Beyer

Leaving back to LA this Sunday (April 17th, 2011)

Today marks the first day of an extremely hectic and crazy week... yet I am so excited!!! Why is this week going to be so crazy you ask? Well, the date has been set! I'll be heading back out to Los Angeles (driving actually) this Sunday! Which means that this week is going to be full of preparation and intense marketing! Here's whats coming up soon...

Today (tuesday, April 12): Catch me on 91.1 Canyon/Amarillo from 5pm-7pm!

Thursday: Come out to Stella's 5:30pm-8pm to catch the Alissa Beyer acoustic duet (with Ryan Garza)!

Friday (morning): Wake up early to catch the trio on Good Day Lubbock (Fox 34)!

Friday (evening): The acoustic duet will be out at D'Vine wine from 8pm-11pm! This will be our first show here!

Saturday (afternoon): All you Experience Life(ers), make sure you get to the service early! I'll be playing a 20 minute set of ALL ORIGINAL MUSIC before each service! (services at 5pm and 6:30pm)

Saturday (evening): This is the big one!!! Come out to Sugar Brown's Coffee to catch an hour and a half of straight original music from me! (8:30pm-10pm) Its going to be a full band acoustic setting (super rare for me) so make sure you don't miss it! Plus, its FREE :)

Sunday (morning): Once again, all you eLife(ers)... make sure you get out to the service early to catch my 20 minute set before each service! (services at 8:30am, 10am, and 11:30am)

Sunday (night): I'll be on the road to LA! Wish me luck! :)

ALSO, Sugar Brown's Coffee (located on 50th just west of Utica.. next to Mountain Hideaway) is going to be splitting their Saturday profit with Alissa Beyer Music from 2pm-10pm!!! Everything made will go straight to funding this EP (Los Angeles project)! HOW COOL ARE THEY!!!!!! Make sure you go and grab some coffee and treats this Saturday between 2pm-10pm! Or just grab some that night at the Sugar Brown's show!!

HUGE thanks to everyone who helped me put these events together! This week is going to be insane... but definitely worth it :)

-Alissa Beyer

Fundraiser Update!

Wow! The fundraiser has already reached over $500. Thank you so much everyone! What an amazing start! But we can't stop here! We're still $2,500 away from the goal with 55 days left! Tell your friends and family whats going on with Lubbock music! This scene needs as much support as it can get! Thanks everyone for your continual support! Now, lets take it to the next level!! :)

-Alissa Beyer


It's time to finish this EP! (but it won't be free)

Which is why...

The Alissa Beyer EP fundraiser is now officially under way!!! Its been mind-blowing how supportive you guys have been over the past few years and now it's needed more than ever!!! The goal for the IndieGogo fundraiser goal is to raise $3,000 in 60 days. Thats sounds like quite a bit but at the end of the first day, there has already been $420 donated!!! Thats HUGE!!! At this rate, you guys will have a brand new EP to listen to in no time!

I can definitely understand when your broke, your broke... (trust me, I'm a musician)... but if you can donate, any little bit helps. You can even donate 50 cents if you'd like! But just remember, each of those 50 cents adds up, slowly but surely.

Don't under estimate the power the fans have in the music world! When artists pull out that line we've all heard a million times, "I couldn't have done it without my fans", they're not kidding. You guys are what keeps not just my music but music all over the world going!

Thank you so much for your intense support so far! & I can;t wait to see where this opportunity will lead! :)


Recording in Los Angeles!

So this past week I've been in LA recording with Grammy winning producer Clif Magness! It has been so unreal! First off, this place is beautiful (we're actually staying right outside of LA in Santa Barbara) right on the beach! Not only is the scenery great but the music is mind blowing! It's so nice to really get to hear my music come to life! We'll be visiting California on a week-by-week basis. This trip, we completed the first two songs and I must say.... WOW! This sound is ridiculous! I'm so excited for everyone to hear it! Hopefully it'll be on the site soon. Keep checking in!

Also, the new Acoustic Album is now on iTunes! Go get it now :)

Thanks for all the support :) Keep spreading the word! xoxoxo

New Single!

Hey everyone! The new single "My Own Eyes" is up NOW! Grab your free download while it lasts, and while your at the site, give me some feedback and let me know what you think of the new material! ab


As many of you have seen, I have a few new acoustic live tacks up! Those are just a few of the many coming your way soon! Check them out if you get a chance and let me know what you think. I head back into the studio a week from today! The goal is to get this project done by the end of the summer.. but if all goes as planned, there will be a new sinlge availible for download within the next few weeks! Still working on the merch store! A few items are up, but were not stopping there! Keep checking in for new items and fan exclusive downloads! Make sure your on the mailing list so you can easily stay updated with all thats going on! Thanks everyone for your continual support! See you soon. Ab