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The John Sinclair Song Challenge for World Peace!!

The easiest step to world peace is to legalize marijuana worldwide!!

We at Shaloha Music are putting out the song challenge to musicians around the world for the Sept 19th rally for Canadian Marc Emery’s extradition from Canada to the U.S.We’d like to put our song 4-20 by Cannabis O’Mellow out for the public to play on You Tube and sing along(see links below) as well as invite other musicians to follow in John Lennon’s footsteps with his John Sinclair song. Lennon publicly performed that song and John Sinclair was let out of jail THE NEXT DAY!!


Billy Mello's Surf Jones Janis Joplin Musical

Billy Mello and Lani Lowell just completed their mini musical tribute to Janis Joplin Fantastic Reality, in time for the Woodstock 40th anniversary