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Back to the studio!

We're going back into the studio to re-track because we want the best for your ears! Back soon! In the meantime check for upcoming gigs. We love playing live!

What's so HEAVY?!

It's been a while since we last blogged. Too busy gigging and playin'. Rock n Roll Babies! Now 2 years later, one new kick ass bass player (Thanx Paul!) and we're back in the studio again, ready to track Volume II. In the mean time, check out our new web site heavyearly.com that our own Jason Mamone created! Complete with all new Swag section!

uptown_johnny  (almost 6 years ago)

Nice work on the new website! Looking forward to the release of Vol. 2 and to see you guys back on stage.

Halloween got Heavy!

Hey Earlians! Halloween 2009 at the Blue Moon Pub, 725 Queen Street E. was the scene of one killer rock show! Strawman performed a stellar set of progressive rock ala Tool meets Pink Floyd, but totally original and incredible. We hit the stage with a Blast, starting out with 14 Camels, funked up into Dislocated Love and continuing on into a hard and heavy set of 12 rock gems from our upcoming release "Volume One". We left the crowd screaming for more, but only early due to an ill-informed stage manager. Nice job dude;D Bone Trigger came next and brought the night to a Heavy climax. The crowd was not disappointed. The night was a gleeming success with old friends and former band mates sharing the stage after a long hiatus. We had a great time and hope all who attended felt the same. For a virgin performance, this night was a great way to expose the public to what Heavy Early has to offer. Stay tuned for more.....

Wet but not drained....

Hey there fellow Earlians! Heavy Early has been dealt a minor blow, but we're survivors! 2 Weeks ago, our drummer Brad was struck with a massive flood, 7 inches deep in raw sewage! This unfortunate event destroyed our studio/jam space. Jason's amplifiers went for a swim as well! But the good news is, we have finished all tracks for our upcoming debut release Volume One and are currently in another studio, mixing and mastering what we know will be a classic! Also good news is that Jason has managed to salvage parts of his amp to create a "Frankenstien" version of it's former self. Once a new speaker cabinet is found, all will be good and loud in the house of early again. We are also in rehearsals for our first gig with fellow friends/musicians Bonetrigger and Strawman! So mark your calendars for October 31st, that's right Halloween night! The Blue Moon Pub at 725 Queen St. E in downtown Toronto will be the scene of one of the most impressive rock show's to ever hit T.Dot! Come on out and experience pure rock energy! And possibly win a prize for best, sexiest or funniest costume.


Jinquee (Jason)