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NEW Book Launch: Buy 'Culturally Submerged'.

My NEW book is finally being launched, and with some good feedback. It is called 'Culturally Submerged'(as main title), 'Journey of a White Rez Teacher')sub-title). Available through many AMAZON outlets. Type in main title after finding AMAZON books, or ebook; order then and expect it in the mail or quick into your 'kindle' or 'ereader',computer. Cheaper through there or 'Barnes and Noble' books. About $20.00 (U.S). 164 pages of gut spilling, whimsical, fun ventures to some shocking stuff. From my perspective, stories as a teacher in N.W. Ontario 'rez' or reserves,-First Nation aboriginal communities. I did 10 years of it off and on,being immersed into the unique culture teaching art and much else.***** -Vesa Peltonen.

N.W. Ontario retreat

Sept.2. Catching up on being 2 weeks gone. Felt longer due to the extreme heat of L.A. and Toronto; alters the mind a bit. Making plans to sell new publsihed book; 'A Book Launch' Multi-media' Event. Should be good. Waiting already, an itch to fly out again, but need a purpose, unless it is Bahama's Sivanada Yoga Retreat' on Nassau Paradise Island. mmm? Art workshop in Paris; missed much art viewing last time. Teaching position; short contract would be good. May be adding some slide guitar for a Toronto band; lots to follow up on or engage in a new realm also. Practise my slide playing for a short gig in the works. Kool!

My travels: On the Musical Highway.

Aug. 31/'10 Well in my 2nd home Toronto. Can close my eyes and walk down Queen Street, where I lived when in the '70's I attended Ontario College of Art. I did part-time photography for a TO Blues Mag. & was so honoured to have met many great late black bluesmen. One that stands out was Bukka White; he showed my during his break how to play 'Bukka Whites' Swing in open D.-an unreal thrill. Lived close to the El Macambo, so saw slide guitar mentors like Howling Wolf to Hound Dog Taylor. Now to the present, doing soundtrack for film bits to whole compositions, and having done a whirlwind L.A.-Toronto networking. It's been a slice. Lucky to have wonderful artists all over. On I journey to Thunder Bay, home retreat.