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Wow! #79 on the Indie charts

next recording

I'll be heading to the studio this month to complete "Armacost", an instrumental.

"Diary of Anne Frank" at Conejo Players Theatre

only 2 weekends left of "Diary of Anne Frank" at Conejo Players Theatre. My wife is the director and this is an amazing production with a great cast, crew and team. Thanks

Conejo Players 5th Annual Toast

Folks, you should try and attend this event if you can. it's going to be a great event. https://www.vendini.com/ticket-software.html?t=tix&e=abd16f544c1b4481a1df98a99504e073

College Radio

Hey free form college radio, I'm about to drop some cd's in the mail this week. I hope you enjoy the music

New album "Got It"

The new album "Got It" (part of my trilogy) is moving along...more updates soon....

"HOG" turns 1

This week marks the 1 year anniversary of the release of my cover of "Heart of Glass" (I like to called it 'HOG')!

"Get It" Turns 2

This week marks the 2nd Anniversary of my debut album "Get It"!!!

Happy New Year

Happy New Year - Hoping to have some new music released in 2014

Thanks KXLU Demolisten

Thanks KXLU Demolisten for the spin!!! http://kxludemolisten.blogspot.com/2013/11/black-friday-11292013-november-29th-2013.html