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Austin City Limits Festival!!!

Hey people!

White Light Riot is in a contest to get a spot on this year's Austin City Limits Festival. All they need is for their lovely friends to vote for them at the following link.

http://www. delllounge. com/soundandjury/?id=5780201f-e3d7-443e-ab34-cb6a695f699f

Yes, we do a lotta voting competitions, but sometimes that is the only way for an indie artist to get a break. Help us out, please.

You can vote once a day per email account.


-White Light Riot

Vote for White Light Riot to perform at Lollapalooza 08

We've entered a contest for a chance to play at this year's Lollapalooza. It would be insane if we got on the lineup. Please help us out and vote for us at:


You can vote once a day per email account and we promise you wont get any spam.



WLR Ringtones!

Hey everyone!

We've got a little love we'd like to send your way in the form of free stuff. Here's what you gotta' do to get yours. Chug on over to here http://www.zude.com/whitelightriot and click on our Fanbase badge to sign up for Zude.

Now you’re wondering why we want you to join Zude, eh? Well, once you have a registered account you’ll be able to click on the RINGTONES button on our home page and start downloading FREE White Light Riot mobile ringtones! That’s it…pretty simple, huh?

If you already registered for a FREE Zude account, sweet! You’re one step ahead of the game. For those of you who haven’t, get your butts over to http://www.zude.com/whitelightriot.

By the way, once you’re there, and you’ve registered for an account, you can also check out the SXSW videos we recorded by clicking on Live at SXSW Music and check out the AMAZING time we had!

Oh yeah, want to hear something else pretty cool? Well, Myxer.com has selected one of our tunes as the Pick of the Day and it’s going to be available on Tuesday, May 13th on the HOMEPAGE! Yep, that’s right…if you want the special Ringtone, then head on over to Myxer.com on Tuesday and download it to your mobile phone.


P.S. Don't forget to demand us in your city on our myspace: http://myspace.com/whitelightriotmusic

Join the White Light Riot Street Team!!!-get free stuff

Hey White Light Riot Fans,

This is a very exciting time for WLR; this week marks the kick off of their regional tour with their newly released National Album Atomism. We are looking to build up our Minneapolis Street Team and start Street Teams in your own cities.


If you help us…we don’t want to forget you!!!

Help us spread our music…that’s it!

Here is what may be expected of you once you join the team: •Spreading the word online via social networking sites, chat rooms, message boards, etc •Distributing promotional material to locations in your area •Using your artistic skills by creating content to be used for promotion •Handing out stickers, postcards, or other goods to like-minded music lovers at concerts where your favorite bands are playing. •Report back - let us know what you did and share your observations.

What you will receive in return for helping out the White Light Riot street team:

•Access to exclusive content and inside information •Hands-on Marketing and Promotions experience •Networking and developing contacts •Access to concerts, events and promotional materials •And a chance to be a part of music history

To become a WLR Street Team member just e-mail us at


With the Subject line “I WANT TO BE ON THE STREET TEAM!”

Be sure to let us know: •Your name •The city you live in •Your mailing address (so I can mail you swag) •Your e-mail address •And if you attend school, let me know where

If you have a facebook account, join our group “The Riot”. For more WLR check them out on facebook, myspace and at their official homepage www.whitelightriot.com

Thanks for all the support!

See you soon.

-WLR Street Team