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web support!

anybody out there who can help NWR with some web related support? will write a song for you!

Алексей Горшунов
Алексей Горшунов  (over 3 years ago)

I am a web-programmer and I'd like to help!

My email: ag@blazing.pro

Best regards,

AleksYus  (over 3 years ago)

What kind of help?

theamountof  (over 3 years ago)

It depends on what sort of web related support you need, but if it is something I can help with I will.

social media - blessing or curse

agent H here, debating whether all this social media stuff is a blessing or a curse... well to be honest i know it is what i choose to make out of it :) but im asking all of you out there: where should NWR put the most emphasis: Facebook? Reverb Nation? Band Camp? have an official website? what do you all prefer to follow up on your favorite bands and artists? thnx for your input ! ~ viva la [r]evolucion !

Giordano Bertello
Giordano Bertello  (over 3 years ago)

I recommend concentrated effort on each of those platforms, utilizing the strength of each. Facebook is for the general stuff and the social interactivity aspect concerning fans. As for bandcamp and other music platforms, I'd play to the strenghts there. After all, you're musicians, and you do music, as far as I recall :P

Do make sure you don't falter, and maintain a rhythm, posting and adding content at a regular pace. People like to be reminded of things, especially since everyone has such numerous interests, it helps to be something that they can trust has regular updates, something they can regularly click on every couple days and read up on. This idea of pacing is almost as important as the content itself.

Good luck chaps.

NWR is alive. for real.

ok its been real quiet around NWR, i'll b the first to admit it. people on facebook have been complaining that i never update anything and slip out of touch for months at a time... this is changing NOW! yes! for real! I am fully committed to keep this Reverb Nation NWR site up to date... as u can see theres already some of the older albums posted now, you can listen to all those oldies ;) no photos coming soon, and other updates about Rocketbirds 2, new NWR album, etc... viva la [r]evolucion!

Starting up NWR mission on Reverb Nation

ok this is a test. Gearing up for some new promo campaigns here... stay tuned for the {R}evolution... it will not be televised but beamed into your frontal lobe directly from the 5th dimension/ over & out