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if your to read this I would like to welcome you to the band Dedlok... this our bio so far.......

DEDLOK was originally formed in March '06 looking to strike out at the dwindling metal scene with some fast riffing, fret wizardry and double bass action. The line-up first consisted of a dual vocal assault featuring Mark Wells and Joe Samuels; Jason Porter (Drums) and Adrian Irving (Rhythm/Lead Guitar) regimented the first back-line arrangement.

Shortly after the first line-up was formed conflicts in musical direction quickly arose, this resulted in Mark leaving to form "Stack of Hamsters". Following Mark's exit, John Rainnie was recruited late April '06 following the break-up of "Suffer the Fall". At this point, the band turned itself around and started to focus on it's own material with new recruit John leading the way. The new incarnation quickly lead to the first track "Realise".

Later that year Joel Wheeler (Bass) completed what is now the current line-up, following his departure from "De Profundis", this was a logical choice for the band as John had worked closely with Joel in "Suffer the Fall" previously.

Towads October '06 the first Demo session was recorded, featuring 'Dedlok', 'Protest' and 'Realise'. This received acclaim from the local music magazine Night Shift, "The name screams METAL! So it does indeed come to pass!" and built up the initial ranks of our current fan base.

The first gig with Chokehold in High Wycombe was a success and has paved the way for a consistent line of gig dates there after.

Following the road more recently, the Premonitions E.P was released as a self-financed project in February '08, introducing some of the bands most challenging material yet, demonstrating that the DEDLOK juggernaut is starting to gather significant pace. Tim Turan was chosen to master the E.P following his well recognised work in the field. Shortly after this release, the band completed their first music video based on the track "Why?".

In all, DEDLOK carries the likes of many 'old' and 'Nu' school influences on it's shoulders, the new alliance in sound forged by these genres, injects some new life into old guitars.

Thank you for taking a intrest in Dedlok. Gigs to follow soon.Also new member.... Joe