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Conscious Music? I feel it flowing through my Blood My Grandparents are the Sun and the Moon that shine above My Mother Earth sheds tears, and I feel her pain So I run outside to ease her, when it starts to rain The spiritual masters, they push me to succeed Beyond the hatred, anger, vengeance and greed I feed the seed with the Names of the Most High Allah, Krishna, Christos, Jah Rastafari Ever since my youth I was trying to figure life out What's up with hatred, and what's it all about? The oppression, the wars, the crime, and the starvation? What's the cause of life, is there true salvation? Mumia abu Jamal became one of my heroes They said he gave a voice, to where there was zero The "Voice of the Voiceless" Black Panther revolutionary I understand their mood and place in time and History I respect the elders, the predecessors to our times Hope to put some Native Tongues vibes into my rhymes Conscious Hip Hop raised me, lead me on a Quest for the Tribe Mos Def did I bump the conscious thoughts in my ride The Underground gave me topics, the Mainstream never could And spoke on Truthful topics, that Radio never would To be a part of it all, to give back to the past my Love for music, I'd give out at last! Repay the debt for the teachings she gave me Music is my mother, who sings so sweetly Every topic I can think of, she can speak on with ease Or give calm moments, like a breeze thru the trees To step on stage and unleash the Love of my heart Would allow me to flood audiences with an overflowing spark Of energetic creativity magnetic electricity Not to mention how much they'd do for me! As Brother and Sister, children of the Great Father Celestial Beings in bodies of Matter We will cycle the energy give TRUE LOVE to each other And elevate the mood of consciousness in matter This isn't anything I can do on my own I'm only a Prince, I don't take the throne The Lord on High blesses us daily and whatever He gives me, I must share completely And whatever I give you returns to me cyclically And whatever you give me returns to you surely So the Mercy can keep flowing and we can live abundantly!

Carnie Nation Soundworks

The Birth & Death of a nation... Rise & Fall, just like everything else in this world.CNS still has some life left in it. Sin City Saints "Vedalogical!" is on it's way, and may be a mixtape or two... and probably a Prince Tiny devotee-oriented compilation album. I enjoyed it while it lasted. I felt like I had my homies, my carnies with me, backing me up... but i guess we never know what life has to bring us. I know I will continue to push forward, and this might open me up to plenty of other artists to work with... If you like my style, and are down to collaborate, hit me up! twiceborn108@hotmail.com

My Mission

My mission is to make conscious/ lyrical Hip Hop, no matter what it takes! To connect with anyone and everyone, and spread the word! To keep my nose to the dirt, until everyone knows that I am not stopping! All the soldiers on the battlefield may fall, but I will remain standing, hustling, preaching, changing, learning, and growing! In the words of Scarface, " All I have in this world is my balls and my word - and I don't break 'em for no one." It takes the heart of a warrior, and the courage of a gangster to keep going, and no matter who falls off the path, I'm running... I'm hungry people. Watch out!


I finished my album, "The FooL", so now I'm just trying to connect with as many people as possible. I'm really seeing how it takes money to make money at this point... My next step is to do shows, pass out fliers, get the word out as much as possible. Just hustle, you know?