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From the Vault

Well I decided to go through the stuff I had archived and wow. I am surprised to find some early demos which I posted. They're much better in quality than I remember. They never had drums or vocals added drums will remain an issue for now. I plan on having songs pretty complete until I figure that out. Anyways. Its kinda cool going through old recordings, hearing bass lines, song fragments, rehearsals with Chris playing bass. Its kinda cool hearing the early evolution of these songs compared to how I play them now.

I even stumbled across some forgotten tunes that were recorded completely. I may or may not post them. I'm considering re-learning one and using it.


Down to work next week.

I'm hoping to get a lot of stuff done considering I have an entire week set aside to do music. This site has been empty since I set it up. I posted a little demo I did years ago for fun. Soon I will post a couple song demos from what I'm recording and what other interesting fragments I come up with.

I have to say, I am glad after all this time I have so much material to choose from. I think what I choose to record and finalize is the best of what I have. And alot of the songs I've written this year just kick my ass. Keep you all posted.

Welcome to the world of Uncapped.

Hey to whoever is reading this. First off I want to thank you for taking the time to read this, it means that you're here checking out uncapped for a reason. Currently this reverbnation site is a building in progress thing..

Let me give you a little background on what exactly uncapped is.. Basically, I used to play in a band prior to uncapped, that band was Dr.cG (also on reverbnation). Once Dr.cG played its final show, the whole thing kinda went on hiatus and now probably is dead due to conflicts with me and the drummer. Unrelated to music, sorta.. lol. Anyways. In the summer of 2001, after that happened, I decided I wanted to do my own thing, doing music the way I wanted. Uncapped was born. I started writing tunes and practicing them with Chris Finley from Dr.cG.. We had many jam sessions on material I was showing him, but we never really wrote anything or did anything beyond that. It seemed like fun. I also had the opportunity to jam a few of the songs with Chris and Rob from Dr.cG in a few formal sessions when we rented out a jam space. It was seeming like uncapped may take off in 2003. It didn't. Instead time went by, we all did our personal things, but I never forgot the music. I continued to write, and perfect what I had written. This upcoming release is uncapped's first release, but it is also a compilation, of what I consider to be the best songs I wrote for uncapped or solo purposes.

I am pleased to say as of this day, I have a solid albums worth of songs ready (without lyrics), that I plan on laying down in the next few months. In the time between now and then, I will probably share some recordings I did for fun in the last few years, early demos of some of these songs, and of course, the actual songs as I finish them. I'm really excited about this project, it truly has been in the making for 8 years, and it seems like it survived several eras in life. Some of the songs deal with those points in time, but the music will always be powerful and true. Thanks for checking in, I will be posting again.