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Reflections of a tour

The last night of my tour was incredible. I hung out with new couch surfing friends Amy and Matthew. They cooked up some lamb stew and fresh baked sweet bread which was so damn tasty. (I whipped up some Israeli salad). I played a set at a local cafe, The Bohemian Cafe, on Charles Street. It was pretty mellow but felt appropriate for the fourth show in just four days. My voice was raspy so I made the best of it and got all kinds of Janis Joplin.

Amy and Matthew are artists and they showed me these drums that they made that light up when you hit the drum. This is a totally epic creation and I have no doubt it will blow up. It's hard to fathom how a light could work without batteries or some kind of outlet. I feel lucky to have seen the instrument in it's early phase, before it hit the industry.

I met some great people throughout this trip and hope to connect with everyone in the future on future tours. I will, without a doubt, be hitting the road again soon for another tour. Hopefully the band will come with but solo touring suits me just fine as well.

Concluding the Solo tour..

In Baltimore now. Chilling with a second couple from couchsurfing.org. They're artists and both teach art at Towson University. They're fun and very open. Like myself, they're also tired and hung over after a late night of drinks and celebration so we're just kicking it for now.

I'm strongly considering trying to book a fourth gig here in town tonight..even if only a half hour at a local cafe. My voice is definitely tired but this is it. This is the reason I'm here. I think I'd feel lazy or unaccomplished if I didn't at least reach out to venues. Nonetheless, the experience has been exhilarating. I'm loving everything about this..the sunny drives with Sheba, the people I continue to meet, the music, the networking, the open road. Todo es posible!

Time to get into calling the venues!!!

A spontaneous gig in Charlottesville!

Rolled into Charlottesville about two hours ago. The drive was gorgeous. Drove through George Washington National Forest.. I just met the nice couple hosting me from couchsurfing.org. They are awesome. Within minutes of meeting we began searching for venues for me to play at tonight. Success! I'm performing tonight at "Maya", a local southern eatery. Turns out they had a cancellation and I'm the main attraction of the night. I can't believe I'm headlining solo. This rocks.

From the road

Just pulled up into Thomas, West Virginia. It's a quaint ski town. Kind of reminds me of Telluride, Colorado.

The Purple Fiddle is way bigger than the Blue Moon Cafe and pretty quirky. I hope it fills up tonight. This is the last scheduled performance I have thus far but I'm hoping to book a gig in Baltimore this Sunday.

I'm excited to hear the other band playing tonight. Looking forward to trying some of the locally brewed beers I saw on tap too. This solo tour thang is pretty sweet. I'm already daydreaming about the next time I take my music on the road... The awesome thing is it's only the second day of my trip!! Three more days of music, exploration, and sheer awesome-ness await!

Open Road

I'm heading out tomorrow morning, just me and Sheba, driving to West Virginia first to play at the Blue Moon cafe in Shepherdstown for two hours throughout the dinner hour. This will be my first time on stage in years as a solo act..with no back up vocals or instrumental accompaniment. Exhilarating. The venue is putting me up for the night which is great so I'll get to have a few drinks and get to check out some other bands. I have 100 burned cds to give out for donations at venues, to people, etc. I'm then swinging around to Charlottesville, Virginia. I got in touch with a nice couple on couchsurfing.com. I've never used that website but it's awesome. You just email people if you're traveling through their city and they let you crash on their couch! So awesome. It's kind of like internet hitch hiking.

Then I'm going to Baltimore, Maryland to explore more venues, hang out with friends and hopefully play some music. Looking forward to it all! 5 days of exploration and all for my music. It's really happening.... this trip, my video, upcoming shows, my almost complete second album the ball is rolling!

New ideas..

I was at the Tea Lounge last night and the band playing before me, called "Out to Lunch" had an electronic set up to accompany the instruments being played. It was pretty awesome! I'm considering tapping into a program that could help enrich my solo performances. There are so many things I could do. I could get a loop pedal which would be useful for voice and guitar. Reggie Watts rocks the loop pedal. It's pretty inspiring...Check this out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ici7sPW8_1I

Or I could use an electronic program like Reason. That would take some canoodling. Then there's simply putting a tambourine on my foot so I could tap my foot as I play. All this would take some coordinating but ultimately it could help me to create a great performance.

Bigger moves

The time has come to start looking into bigger shows and broader opportunities. I'm going to look into festivals, venues beyond the NYC circuit and tours. If anyone has suggestions, please do share!

Letting go

I spoke to a dear friend, Jared Widjeskog, tonight. Processing big decisions with your closest friends really can be transformational.

I'm finally facing a moment in my musical process where I realize it's time to let go of some of the creative control I've been holding onto. I'm presently smack in the middle of the production process on my second album and working on letting some things go. Anyone who knows me knows this is a challenge for me when it comes to my music. I guess this is the case with many singer/songwriters. There's always risk involved in trusting others with your music but the result could be mind blowing and I didn't get this far to let opportunities pass me by just so I could have my say. I am going to trust that I'm in good hands and roll with the waves. No need to swim against the current.


Lots going on recently and I wanted to share the updates: Still working on the music video. During the post production process we found that we'd like to do another day or two of shooting around NYC. I'm excited to continue developing the video and making it awesome for your viewing enjoyment. If you haven't already seen it, check out the behind the scenes video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cC4SBBmexdE In other news, I just got an invitation to be a guest on the WTNR Radio show this coming Tuesday. It will air on Wednesday, September 28th at 2pm. Looking forward to my first radio interview! The second album is in the works and is different from the first one. It's totally my favorite right now. I'm working with Grammy Award winner Tony Black in finalizing the mixes. Can't wait to post it!! More updates to come..til then, enjoy the music :)

Hurricane Irene

I just took Sheba out for one final walk before Irene hits. Already it's pretty wet out there. I didn't think I would be this scared but yea...I am. Maybe it's from all the hype or just because this may actually turn out to be a somewhat catastrophic event. Historical to say the least.

So I didn't realize how I felt about all this until one of my best friends, Keryn, called me to ask if I was okay. Her calm voice and talk of a rum and coke definitely made me feel better, even safer. She's always good at making anyone laugh.

It's nice to have Sheba here with me. I'm revisiting my teen years and watching the series, "My So Called Life". The sexual tension in this show is just as captivating as it used to be.

If electricity goes out, I fully intend to drink some red wine and use any fear/anxiety to write a song.

There's something exciting about it too. It's just the not knowing that's scary for me. I hope everyone is safe at home!