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Just got home from the studio (1:42am), and it went great, a little slow, but great never the less. Trumpets and Resinators were on the menu today. Tomorrow will be our last day tracking for VIBE. We should get some mixing done too. We're shooting for having a mix to sit on by Tuesday.

We're very excited about the way it's coming out, and can't wait to get it out to you all.

Sweet dreams!


That's the sound of our new album. We're going back into the cave for what we think will be six more days. That's what it's going to take to finish tracking and mixing. It's coming along great. We have 14 songs going on VIBE and have put hundreds of hours into getting it just right. We've had a lot a talented friends come play with us on VIBE. You can expect to hear things like a full horn section, a cello, harmonica, mandolin, fretless bass, extra percussion, bass, drums, big nasty organ, piano, calliope, a bunch of guitars, and Students from a local elementary school singing.

We hope to release the full length "VIBE" in May. For now, we'll get back to work, and see what the single does until we get the full length all wrapped up.

Stay tuned...

Love, Mama

Mama needs your help!!

Hi to you all, and wishing you all the best!

Can ya help us? We're trying to get Mama played on FlashRock's live web castings. They say we need 500 requests before they'll talk to us, so here we are. We're asking all our friends and fans to take a minute and make the request. Just click the banner on our MySpace, select Mama Hagglin as the band you want to request a show from, and then hit submit at the bottom. It's free and easy. Thanks a lot for your support!! Love, Mama


New Single Out Now!!!!

Howdy folks,

We're happy to say that our new single "The Goodbye Waltz" (from the full length titled "VIBE") is out now! It's got three songs on it, and is available as a download right now. You can buy it right here, if you like it. Hard copies of the CD should be available March 1st. A release party is in the planning stages. The single includes an anti-war song titled "WAR", with some of the students from Frank Vessels Elementary School singing on it. Also a song (the title track) that was written by singer Jeff Porter to help heal some painful memories from his past. Some how, the song has proven to touch more than just Jeff, as friends AND fans alike have approached the band with personal stories of deep connection and relation to the song.

We would love to hear from you, and what you think. Have a great day! Love, Mama


Mama will start recordings for the new CD on Oct. 20th. The first to come from these recording sessions will be a special single. The single will include a vinyl 45 record, in a retro style jacket with artwork on the cover, and a CD with the same songs as the 45, but with a bonus track, all shrink wrapped together. Artwork will be posted later...

_______________________________________________ The Single

The 45 will contain the following: Side A- The Goodbye Waltz Side B- War

The CD will contain the following: Side A- The Goodbye Waltz Side B- War Bonus track- End Of The Line _______________________________________________ The full length CD

The (enhanced) CD will contain he following: A full color booklet with lyrics/thanks/credits/photos 14 to 16 songs Plus a video