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Join me and a few of my favorite songwriters on Thursday nights at True Voice NYC in Midtown. We'll be starting at 7:30 P.M. each week unless otherwise noted.

There is no cost for these sessions, but a hat will be passed for an optional donation to True Voice NYC for the use of the space.

This event will be by invite only. Songwriters are welcome to submit their material for consideration. Submissions can be made to me at valerie@valeriesciarra.com. Guests are welcome and, if the group decides, are free to give feedback.

For more information, please feel free to email me. For information and location of True Voice NYC, visit:www.truevoicenyc.com.

You know it's time to leave NYC when...

when the Jersey Turnpike is looking scenic! This has been a long overdue road trip.

First of all, I'm glad that I have a Florida license plate on my rental car. There's a lot of pressure heading down south on the interstate with a NY plate. It's like a giant bullseye for a state trooper with a quota to meet.

Some advice I received before I left: "DON'T SPEED". I'll tell you what, the speed limit on the interstate gets up to 70 MPH. Driving a Corolla next to a whole army full of 18 wheelers at 70 miles an hour will keep you from speeding. You realize how fragile you are. Believe me... no speeding going on. I've got way to much to live for these days! I even got tailgated by a Smart car... Really? Tailgating in a Smart car? If someone is really on a death mission, I'm happy to get out of the left lane...

The drive was pretty uneventful. I love the Tennessee accent. Really soft and sweet sounding. At a rest stop, a young employee called me "sweetie", which in NY is synonymous for "bitch". But she really meant it - with that beautiful accent and sweet smile. I'll take a bit of sunshine and happiness in my day! That's the fun part of being on vacation.

Lots of talent here at Indie Grrl. A really talented bunch of writers. Needless to say, competition was fierce. But I'm okay not being chosen for the final round. The grand prize included a guitar, which I'd have to learn to play and who the heck has time for that?

Well, more to come soon....

The "I's" have it....

Thank you to all who have taken the time to listen and give me input for songs to play at Indie Grrl Music Conference. So far you've picked Moon Over Jordan and Run... But that third song is anyone's guess.

There's a three way tie now for Tell Me, Everything and Miss the World.

Help me once more? Weigh in on these and let me know if you'd like a complimentary CD and where I can send it. Thank you for the love and support!


Time to come out of hiding...

As some of my fans know, in February, I gave birth to my second son, Damian. Motherhood is amazing and continues to get better, but it's time for me to perform again. I'm only half a person when i put my music away and I'm a much better mom when I'm writing and performing. Makes sense, right? But it's so easy to get off track. It is so hard in this business to find a niche and so easy to lose your focus. But I owe it to these beautiful boys. How could I tell them to go out and live their dreams if I don't do it myself...

So, here I am. On my way to Knoxville, TN next week for the Indie Grrl Conference. I'm SO excited to meet some new artists and promoters. I'm so excited to get out of NYC and see trees! And mostly, I'm so excited to find my niche again!

See you in TN...

Gay Marriage...from the Straight Side...

I was watching the news this morning and I have to say I'm in shock at the fear some people have about gay marriage.

What does it matter to some of these people? Most of them align themselves with a political party that prides itself on small government with little interference in our business sector. But it seems that in the bedroom, they have a lot to say.

When my husband and I were considering marriage, we lived together for a year. Yes. In sin. For a whole year. My husband would speak with his Catholic mother and make comments about how his back hurt from sleeping on the couch. That's how deep the guilt went. But there was a sense of "playing house" and it was what we needed to make a real commitment.

After we were married, I felt like I had to make this work, no matter what. It wasn't just that I had taken a vow before God, but that I had given my word to another person that I would allow them to be who they were, warts and all, and I would not go anywhere.

And there were WARTS, I assure you. That first year was more like a turf war than a marriage. But I knew I could be myself and let my guard down. I knew that I had someone in my corner and he would be my strength during those times I had none.

I've been married almost 9 years and I don't know that if I didn't have that commitment I would have stayed. If the emergency door were open, I don't know that I would have gone through some of the things that have made us stronger.

I believe everyone should have the right to close that emergency door. They should have a legal right to stand up in front of the world and declare that they stand by another human being, warts and all. For a country that coined the phrase "family values", why are we making it harder for that to happen? I think passing gay marriage will be a boost to our family values and let us all evaluate the promise we made to our spouse.

Stay out of other people's bedrooms and appreciate the person who is honorable and wants to do the right thing. Appreciate the person who is loving and wants to share that love with another. Respect the type of person that values commitment.

Do the right thing, NY.

Rockin' Baby Boy!

So, it's been a long, long, LONG winter and I'm happy to announce that I gave birth to a healthy baby boy on February 7, 2011. The whole month was a blur. It's like being in Vegas... day is night, night is day and anything goes! It has been a while since anyone really puked on me this much!

I'm happy to say, I'm resurfacing and looking forward to reaching out to all my cool new fans and of course, those who have been so good to me already.

Someone once said babies bring good luck. I think babies bring happiness... And sleeplessness. If you're completely happy and overtired, good things are bound to find you! Who has time for drama, right?

Enjoy some drama-free-almost-springtime days!


Newest Project....

It's been quite a year! This is the time I start to reflect and decide if it was a good year or a bad year. It's probably not necessary to dump an entire year like that, but it helps sometimes make sense of things....

My newest project is the upcoming birth of my son, so for sure 2011 will already start off both joyous and difficult at the same time. Balancing motherhood and being a musician has been a challenge and with a second child, I'm sure there will be days when I'm not going to be able to spell my name. But I wouldn't have it any other way.

Moon Over Jordan was mostly written and completely recorded and inspired by my first son (now 4). Someone once told me babies bring good luck and I never quite got it till I look now to child #2. It's not luck as in winning the lottery or one such defining moment. It's more of an attraction to all the positive and good things life has. Babies make you happy (and of course delirious from lack of sleep..). Happy means comfortable in your own skin, and hence all the opportunities that come along with that.

To those who've supported me this year I wish you a Happy and Healthy New Year. I hope everyone has good luck in the New Year. Thanks for all the love!


Carla Rose Fisher (Songwriter)
Carla Rose Fisher (Songwriter)  (over 6 years ago)

Cheers to you, Val! I'd say it's been a successful year for you -- you released your album, you drafted a musical and you are now opening your life to another child! In a word, I'd say you're amazing. Keep writing, and keep singing, girl. Soon you will have even more to say.

Rockwood Music Hall

What a great venue. How cool for me to get a chance to play on a REAL piano. It was tucked in the corner of a dimly lit room. Brick walls and red lighting. And of course, my brilliant band. Couldn't have asked for better. Oh, packed house... that made it better.

These moments remind me why I'm doing this! Thank you for them. Let's face it, I'm not qualified for any sort of "day job". So as long as there's even one person who wants to hear my music, I'll play.

See you next time!

August 3rd was Amazing!

What a great time we had at O'Flanagan's on August 3rd. Now the real work begins, as I stare at the 10 boxes of CD's in my living room. I couldn't be prouder of this work. And what amazing musicians I had to work with for this gig. Jim Robertson on bass, Matt Dickey on guitar, Aki Ishiguro on guitar, Kenny Grohowski on drums, and my dear friend Jaana Kantola on background vocals. I could not have been in better hands.

Thank you to all my fans and now my new fans! I'm so looking forward to more great shows like this one. Stay tuned...

Carla Rose Fisher (Songwriter)
Carla Rose Fisher (Songwriter)  (almost 7 years ago)

you were fantastic! and the way you prefaced some of the songs made it even more enjoyable:) so excited for you, and to have my very own copy!

August 3rd coming fast!

Okay, so uncle... I had to postpone the CD release date to August 3rd. What's a week, right? It's completely worth the wait. Arty Skye has done some amazing arrangements of the material and the CD will be a real mix of who I am. All sides of me. I couldn't be prouder.

So thanks for continuing to wait! It's really only 2 weeks. And if you're in NYC, come hear the songs live. I have the most amazing young musicians backing me up at O'Flanagan's on the Upper East Side. Not to mention they have great food. Hope to see you there and thanks to everyone for their continued love and support.

Enjoy the process..