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November news

So we've been slowing down on our constant touring to start recording our next album! First session went great, all the basic tracks for nine new jaya songs are layed down and as soon as that's finished we'll be back in the studio for more awesomeness!This weekend we are heading out for a small tour through Austria. 3 shows are lined up including one of our favorite clubs, the Chelsea, in Vienna. Check www.jayathecat.com/tour.html for details, and hope to see you all out at one of the gigs!

September news

We are wrapping the final shows supporting our last album ' More Late Night Transmissions with...' starting with the Netherlands. We have 9 shows lined-up including the Melkweg in our hometown Amsterdam. So for all our dutch friends, this will be the last chance to see us live this year in Holland, come on down and party with us.

End of September and the beginning of October we'll be playing some shows in Germany including Koln and Hamburg. And in November we'll be do a short tour in Austria including Vienna before we head back to the studio to finish up our next album!

So come on out and dance, baby!

May news

La France/Germany/Luxembourg Starting tomorrow we are going for a nice trip to the land of wine and good life called La France. Most shows are in the south and one show in Spain (beach place of Barcalona). So feel free to join us at one of our shows. Later this month we are back in Germany (festivals!) for 4 shows and one in Luxembourg so here is santé to that! More details for our shows (links, map etc) can be found on www.jayathecat.com/tour.html

April news

After a month of working on new songs and hanging in Amsterdam it's time to hit the van again and do some serious touring... UK Tour We're starting on our second UK tour! Most of the dates are supported by The Skints, www.myspace.com/theskintsuk . We'll also be playing at the O2 Academy, Sheffield with Streetlight Manifesto. Make sure you get your tickets in advance! Go to www.jayathecat.com/tour.html for more info about tickets, locations, etc... France In May we'll be touring in France. Most shows are in the southern part so if you feel like to making a little trip to the south of France come on out and drink some wine and plat petanque with jaya the cat! US release 'More Late Night Transmissions with...' is out on I Scream Records in the US. Here are some nice reviews of the album: www.guestlistmagazine.net/reviewsj www.the-peak.ca/article/1769 www.babbleandbeat.com/music-reviews/jaya-the-cat.html

Februari news

Hey! We're back in 2009 with a lot of new shows and some news for ya Carnaval Yes, once again we are gonna team up with Bjorn from Side Shift Harry to play the Carnaval Parade in Sittard. If you've never dressed up in a rabbit suit and played Rowwen Heze songs on a flatbed truck you just haven't lived baby! If you wanna see what it looks like, here's a link to last years festivities http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Nq_6yppdFY The next day we are playing Ernesto's again. Should be a lot of fun. So come on down and drink buckets of Brand beer with us! 22 feb Carnaval Parade, Sittard 23 feb Ernesto's, Sittard UK Tour So we are coming back to the UK again for what will hopefully be some fun shows. 2 date are missing but we are working on that, so if we aren't listed playing near you now check back, maybe we will be! In August we will be back again for one of the biggest punkrock festival in Europe; Rebellion festival in Blackpool with band like The Adolescents, The Damned, The Adicts etc. april 03 UK Underworld, London april 04 UK Queen Charlotte, Norwich april 05 UK Sheffield Academy, Sheffield (+Streetlight Manifesto) april 06 UK Trillians, Newcastle april 07 UK tba april 08 UK tba april 09 UK The Maze, Notthingham april 10 UK Hub, Exeter US release! 'More Late Night Transmissions with...' will finally come out on march 10th in the US! As a bonus we added the Jimmy Cliff song 'The Harder They Come' to this release. I Scream Records is putting out the record so now you can order it at your favorite record store or Amazon.com http://www.amazon.com/More-Late-Night-Transmissions-Jaya/dp/B000VO8O1M/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1?ie=UTF8&s=music&qid=1234704390&sr=8-1 And if your local record store doesn't have it tell 'em to order it, cause if we sell a ton of records we'll tour the US for sure! We're also working on an online merch store so you'll be able to order tee shirts, sweatshirts, lighters, buttons, lingere and possibly even hand-signed naked pictures of Jordi. So keep your eyes open and be sure to tell your family and friends to purchase these and other fine quality Jaya The Cat products. That's it for now, until next time take care, look both ways when crossing the street, and don't take any wooden nickles.

December news

2008 So after a long fun filled month of touring in november we're back home to rest our livers for a bit...thanks to everyone who came out in the UK, germany, austria, and the czech republic, we had a wicked time and you know we'll be back! also, for everyone in groningen and haarlem this past weekend who made our 'sinterklaas' mini tour such a success....it's been a while since swung around those parts and it was great to see you all again! for the rest of this month we'll be working on new songs and whatever the hell else it is we do when we're not touring.....

then on the 26th we'll be playing what seems to be our annual anti-xmas party in sittard, and then off to bucharest and sofia for some pre new years partying! speaking of new years, we'll be playing a huge bash on NDSM island in amsterdam north, sponsored by the folks who brought you the magneetbar at lowlands! it should be quite an event...with wicked jazz sounds, a boat with two floors of dance music, and a live stage with yours truly....followed by an open jam until the wee hours of the morning....if you wanna come along you can check it out here..... www.brightlightdistrict.nl/

2009 Looking ahead to 2009, a buncha new shows a long awaited release of 'more late night transmissions with...' in the united states, a release on vinyl (!), and god willing a new album sometime next fall!

happy holidays!

jaya the cat.

September news

Tour Germany/Austria/ The Netherlands Beginning September 19th we have a buncha shows in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. Check out our dates and if we're in your neighborhood it would be great to see you in the audience, it's gonna be a party! We're also working on a re release of More Late Night Transmissions With... on vinyl, which will contain a few unreleased tracks. Check our Myspace and Reverbnation in the next week as we'll be posting those songs there as well! UK Tour Our UK tour is finally coming together. Presented by Big Cheese Magazine (check out their October Issue with a track from our album!) we are doing a full tour. However we still need some gigs so if ya know or run a good club, please get in contact! 1 November Chepstow White Lion 2 November Manchester Satans Hollow 3 Novmeber Newcastle Trillians 4 November Need help 5 November Need help 6 November Need help 7 November St Albans The Horn 8 Novmeber London Underworld Lowlands The Lowlands festival in Holland was a blast! It ain't easy to play at 2 in the afternoon... Still it was great and we want to thank every body who showed up and made us at home. Here is a small impression how it was: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s_dmv5yPUl0

July news

Lowlands Finally. After 6 years Jaya The Cat return to one of the biggest and by far the best festival in Holland; Lowlands in Bidinghuizen! We are playing saturday on one of the Grolsch Stage!. Time is set for 13.50. Other bands who are playing are Franz Ferdinand, N.E.R.D., The Flaming Lips, Stephen Marley, Editors, Sex Pistols, Underworld, and the Dropkick Murphys. Unfortunatly Lowlands is already sold out...but if you have tickets then we'll see you there! Austria and Germany dates This month we are returning to Germany and Austria. Some nice festivals and clubs shows: 09 July Bogaloo, Pfarrkirchen (D) 10 July Chelsea, Vienna (A) 11 July Summerbreeze Festival, Kirchbach (A) (+ Vanilla Sky, Once Tasted Life) 12 July Woodrock Festival, Bludenz (A) (+ Rubberfresh) 25 July Beteigeuze, Ulm (D) 26 July Umsonst Und Drausen Festival, Lindau (D) (+ Death By Stereo, Delinquet Habits) Fall tours For the fall we are planing in September/October a 2 weeks Germany/Austria/Holland tour with our friends Guadalajara. In November we will do a 10 day tour in the UK! Dates are getting booked right now, so far we'll be in Glasgow, Newcastle and London. If you want us in your city, give us a shout and we'll see what we can do! Have a good summer! -Jaya The Cat

May News

Tour After a short break it's time to do some extensive touring. First we will hit the Balkan countries where we've never played before, plus 2 shows in Bulgaria and one in Hungary. Very exiting. After that we will play a surf festival on the Island of Ameland in the Netherlands. More info @ www.madnes.nl. In June there will be a lot of shows in Holland and after that it's festival time! Hope to see you all there. Eastern Europe dates: 09 May club grabowsky, zalaegerszeg (hu) 10 May channel zero, ljubljana (sl) 11 May mknz, illirska bistrica (sl) 13 May mkc, koper (sl) 16 May akademija, belgrade (ser) 17 May club petnoto, plovdiv (ser) 18 May party centre 45km, sovia w/artery (bg) 19 May club zone 51, varna w/artery (bg) 20 May suburbia, bucurest (ro) Radio Our new single Goodmorning is doing quite well in Germany. You can hear the single at college rock stations like: TIDE 96.0 Freie RadioCooperative United Rock Radio Radio Lotte SAEK Hörfunk Chemnitz Rundfunk Meißner Free FM 10 Campusradio Triquency CT das Radio 7 Radio Aktiv Osradio 104,8 Radio Aktiv Hameln StadtRadio Göttingen Freie RadioCooperative e.V. Oldenburg Eins Radio Okerwelle Radio Funkwerk Radio Corax e.V. Radio Lotte Radio T e.V. OK BERLIN Radio HBW Neue Essener Welle Radio 91,2 Antenne Münster Radio Unerhört Marburg Radio Remscheid Antenne Niederrhein www.bizarre-radio.de Ems - Vechte - Welle Night Planet Radio Radio Neckarburg Radio Sthörfunk Radio Galaxy Ansbach Rockin'Radio e.V. Radio Feierwerk Deutschlandradio Kultur BRF DLF Kanal C Kölncampus osradio 104,8 Unimax - Uni-Radio Nürnberg bit eXpress Eldoradio UNI radioMagdeburg Delta Radio, Hamburg If you know one of these radio stations please send them a mail and request our single Goodmorning. The last 2 shows in Hamburg and Kiel were packed because Delta Radio played our old single Goodmorning quite well. So German radio is good for us! We don..t have a video of Goodmorning yet. If you wanna make one, feel free to contact us

March News

New single Goodmorning So the next single from "More Late Night Transmissions with.." will be Goodmorning. Hopefully it will be on the radio in Holland, Belgium, Germany and France. If we need your help we will send you a mail asking you to reques it on the radio. In the meantime our video of Closing Time is doing great on Youtube. More then 17.000 plays! If there are any video/film makers out there who'd like to make one for Goodmorning, shoot us a mail. Delta Radio (Hamburg) still has Closing Time in their Top 30! Reviews 'More Late Night Transmissions with' gets great reviews all over Europe. Here are some links in German en English: http://punkrocktheoryzine.blogspot.com/2008/02/jaya-cat-more-late-night-transmissions.html http://www.disagreement.net/reviews/jayathecat_morelatenighttransmissionswith.html http://www.the-peak.ca/article/1769 http://www.powermetal.de/cdreview/review-11279.html http://www.gaesteliste.de/review/show.html?_nr=8484 http://www.whiskey-soda.de/review.php?id=19051 http://www.bloom.de/articles/article_007826_php4.htm No date set for the US release. For the US people who wanna get the record, go to this link. It's 12 bucks. Shows We added a bunch of shows in Germany, Holland, Belgium and France. More will follow. And of course in the summer we will do all kind of festivals including a surf festival on the Island of Ameland! MySpace Geoff put a blog on Jaya's Myspace explaining a little bit about the lyrics of the new album. Also on the Myspace site you can Demand were you want Jaya the Cat to play. We'll try to take notice of that! Streaming We put 'More Late Night Transmissions with...' complete streaming on Reverbnation, LastFM and Hyves. Spread the word! Reverbnation We still use Reverbnation to send out our newsletters and to send info to streetteamers. Unfortunately not everybody completed their info. Please fill in the city and country you live in so we can send you direct news of what's up in your area.