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Assistance Wanted!

We are still trying to figure out a song to round out the 5 song EP we are working on. The first four tracks on our player ('Find Me in the Water', 'Go!', 'March' and 'Moonlight Madness') are the first four tracks slated for the EP. I have several other songs written to choose from, but I have been thinking about doing a cover song for the fifth track. I have two tracks in mind: Kate Bush's "Cloudbusting" or Gary Numan's "M.E.". I do a really nice piano version of the Tubeway Army's "Down in the Park" that I would love to do, but the Foo Fighters have already covered that one. I also considered Ian Dury's "Inbetweenies", but for whatever reason I decided against that one. Any suggestions?

519 on the Global Indie Charts!!

We continue to rise rapidly up the Reverbnation charts. I know that all that really means is that people are listening. It doesn't put bread on the table, in other words. Still, people are listening! I am quite surprised by it, actually....but then again, I'm not. This is great music! I don't say that because I structured the cores of it. I wrote some decent songs. It is those who I chose to work with who made this music great. Thank you to all of you listeners and fans who helped get us here, and thanks to all of my cohorts for helping to get this music out of me. If you have any suggestions for track five of the EP, Please Email the Butterfly.

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As we travel further and further down this Rabbit Hole disguised as Creativity, these are the things we leave in our wake…countless references in countless places, strange memories tucked into the corners of melodies, and the ever-present, inhuman residue of web presence. In that regard, we mark a milestone with the launch of The Butterfly Screams dot Net. http://thebutterflyscreams.net


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