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Alphashift's Hiatus and the Long Awaited Debut Album

It's been nearly a 10 month hiatus from the live scene, after playing with Australasia's finest in Sydney last November. Unfortunately, the excitement of the long awaited debut album 'Light in the Darkest Night' may need to be channelled into a long summer of writing rather than a fast summer of gigging.

2010 has had its ups and downs for the lads. Early in the year the group decided to take a break from playing live, instead focusing on their album while slamming the covers to cover costs. It’s been a real shift in gear for the band that draws its raw energy from the live atmosphere, but they have become more focused for it.

With their debut album 'Light in the Darkest Night' due for completion this spring, an unforeseen injury to the drummers shoulder requiring surgery could see a summer of rehab and writing for the band. It’s got to be said, musicians and sport never really have mixed.

It’s with high hopes Alphashift will be back on the scene touring the length of the country with new material and debut album in tow, early 2011. In the meantime the group's going back into writing mode, with new directions and higher expectations.

Watch this space...

.. ..

Thanks and a plug; A big thanks to all of those who have supported us over the year with the Hardcase project. It’s been great to still entertain friends and punters during our hibernation in the studio. Also thanks to vocalist Deneo for filling in Innes’s shoes and Janelle for picking up on vox. You can see the temporary new-look Hardcase 20th August at Angus Inn.

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