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NAMM 2011

Hey...really having a great time at NAMM this year! Enjoyed meeting a lot of new people and players! Hoping to keep in touch with you all. Some really fine talent out here...more to come...

Re-Posting Jen's Reverb Email

For those of you that didn't open this email...or those that don't yet know Jen from Australia..I am re-posting her very succinct email here today. I think it's worth sharing and really taking to heart:

Good Morning from Australia.. It seems that a few of my friends are a little hot under the collar today, and felt kind of disappointed and shocked at some of the messages about deleting peeps from their listes etc, because of not being supportive..? I think for the most part that we all do the best we can to support each other here at reverbation, and for me personally, the most awesome thing is to be able to listen to everyones new tracks and hear incredible new talent every day....Isn't that what's it's mostly about..? I feel so damn grateful that artists and fans are actually listening to us, given the fact we're just a Cover Band and I'm just a cover singer...wow !!! What more could I ask from any of you...? ..and on the other hand, there's some that don't listen at all. and just wanna gain another fan for their page..So what...? does it really matter...? and does it really matter that we don't go to your other sites and vote for you so you can win a competiton...? Some of us just probably don't have time.....we still all support each other here at Reverbnation..the best we can, with what little time some of us have...I went to one of these pages this morning, and the artist is #1 on their local charts..obviously, partly becuase of the awesome support that Reverb members have given this artist..sometimes I think we forget the fact that we are musicians supporting musicians, and how wonderful is it to have another Musicians support..I don't think there are too many actual so called fans that AREN'T musicians at reverb..just for that alone, I think we should be super grateful :)

I guess what I'm trying to say is, that for me, personally, i would be pretty pissed off if I was deleted from someones page because I didn't go to another site to throw a vote in for someone., when we've been supportive in every other way...Like I said, just my thought's, and being an Aries, as I am, sometimes I just have to vent...HAHA..

So, I'd like to say thank you so much to all that have listened, commented and given up your time to be so generous and thoughtful and I always endevour to return the love... :) I'm very Grateful to each and every one of you at reverb :)

Jen xoxo

Cross Roads Competition- We'll be in it to Win IT!

So, many of you have asked about the various projects I have going. So, here's a few answers to the questions I've been getting!

Yes, I am producing (and play in) the band MAY STANDS STILL. Yes, Bassment Funk is a separate project under the umbrella of Wesley Cole Switzer Project. Several of my friends from Berklee and here in Cali contributed to this tune.

Yes, ANALOGUE PLAYGROUND is one of my bands as well. Niklas Karlsson is the phenomenal guitar player on these tracks.We will be throwing up a song on the CROSSROADS Battle of the Bands!

Yes, I am the guy that did the bass on TO SIR WITH LOVE that was a compilation sung beautifully by SHE/SAID.

Yes, I was the bass player for the Zach Hillyard Band when they won the College Clash for OurStage. I have no idea what Zach is up to these days. The band fell apart due to personal issues.

Yes, I am in need of a keys player and a sax player - so hit me up if you are a FULL time gigging player!

Players Needed - San Diego/Riverside Ca. Area

Seeking Sax, Guitar, Organ/Piano/Keys for Funk, Jazz, Pop and beyond! Vocals too!

Bassist is currently seeking musicians for a variety of projects. I'm a Berklee alumni somewhat new to the San Diego area, and have recently opened a recording studio which is doing well. Additionally, I'm involved with a variety of projects on a performance level, and constantly need musicians for gigs. I'm looking for Sax, Guitar, and Organ/Piano/Keys players that are looking to get involved with recording projects as freelance, hired gun players, and possibly become band members should you like the project. I'm also looking to get my own project off the ground which will be a collaboration of professional level players, seeking paying gigs both on a local and national level. I'm endorsed with Eden Amps, Dean Markley, and Moog, have rehearsal space, studio, things ready to go, just need the players to help collaborate. I have a couple of drummers I'm playing with and love, just need to fill it out with some other interesting, and interested players.

Must have: -Creativity on your instrument -Have jazz, blues, funk chops & knowledge -Be comfortable in recording situations. -Image - (Looking for marketable players/members) -MySpace, or similar way to see/hear you online. -Good attitude, please be semi normal. -Be familiar with the sounds/styles of groups like Soulive, Sly & Family Stone, Medeski, Martin & Wood, Scofield, Marcus Miller, etc.... -Willing to get to North County, San Diego to either rehearse/record when it comes to that.....

Must NOT have" -Drug Problems -Ego -The need of "a ride man"

I'm at myspace.com/wesleycoleswitzer OR http://www.eden-electronics.com/artists/wesley.asp

All About the Funk

Blog Coming Soon! Under Construction...until then find out more about my music at: www.myspace.com/wesleycoleswitzer

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