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Appalachian Criminal / Blog

Laughter on the Hillside

I think it is a shame... shame Seems everything we do is for the gain And I think it is strange…..strange The thoughts that now escape us Were the thoughts that kept us sane

Oh and just how we could change….change If we all work together We could all take away this pain We must learn to abstain…I’m a stain You know Karma has your number Now it is coming to take you a way

You know that you can expect the rain..rain The day that judgement comes your way, way, way

Apparently transparent, I am such a pain…pain Nor the path to escape I am not that door, I am the window pane Now it is the life that will take us away…away We let this world come between us And there is nothing much left to say

I’ve got a positive outlook On a bet that no one should ever place…place There is laughter on the hillside There are the echoes of our yesterdays…days As we slowly grow estranged….estranged An elephant sits on our couch That deafen us in the twilight of the day PRE-CHORUS/CHORUS (B-Bb) IS IT TRULY MY DESIRE TO SLEEP NOW IN THE FIRE SET UP BY OUR EXPECTATIONS THAT OURSELVES WE COULD NEVER ATTAIN THERE IS A DRAMA IN THE STOREFRONTS TROUBLESHOOT ALL DAY WE CAN ENTERTAIN A SOLUTION WE CAN EXTRACT OURSELVES FROM TODAY WE CAN MAKE EVERY EFFORT TO FIX THIS BEHIND LOCKED DOORS FIND A HIDEAWAY In breaking down the heartache…..heartache We were set up like ball and pin Yet I sought out to numb away the day Paralyzed by an attack of the fate…fate Juuggling life like a circus act The lifelong pursuit of happiness Has left us empty in the light of fail or pass

Upcoming MJPN

INTENTIONS (YOUR INTENTIONS DRIVE ME MAD 03-30-11 I feel not far tipping I can barely make the scale Tip-toeing around the heartache Breaking each and every shell (x2)

Is it fate or is it evolution The days come and go so fast It is set in to perpetual motion Spinning our wheels in what we once had (x2)

Treat me like a peasant I’m to entertain you like the clown Yeah, a regular court jester A court jester that wears a frown (x2)

A brand new day is starting An old day may now end An elliptical shape is forming No one knows which way we should go (x2)

My thoughts are paralyzing Your intentions drive me mad Everything you do to consume me I am ate up, rotten, and sad (x2) PRECHORUS You’re intentions so are selfish You’re intentions drive me mad You’ve taken, now look what it has got you Half the man that you once had (x2)

Treat me like a peasant I’m to entertain you like the clown Yeah, a regular court jester A court jester that wears a frown (x2)

Learn every thing the hard way At my best, when things are bad A perfect circle is broken An ellipse is what you have (x2)

I never gave you an answer To the question you never had I am taking time to write this So you’ll one day know what you once had (2)

Treat me like a peasant I’m to entertain you like the clown Yeah, a regular court jester A court jester that wears a frown (x2)

The upcoming MJPN- Setting Sun lyrics by MJPN

There is only one way that you can win But one hundred ways to lose And you drank up all of your rent While chasing after them blues Oh.oh.oh It is a whole new world we live in And it’s spinning way too fast Been livin’ this life in the fast lane And not learning from the past Now everything is spinning As I am sitting here I am spun When the escape you aim to get It goes and catches up to you It is not the money you have spent But the fact that you cannot choose And you know that you can’t win The damage has been done Were sailing in to the future And life has us on the run The wind has grabbed our masts And aimed us at…at that SETTING SUN OOOH OOOH OOH THAT SETTING SUN There’s a feeling just short of dying Much like that setting sun When the thought that what you’ve given Far outweighs what you have won It’s a whole new world we live in And it is spinning way to fast You may feel like you’re flying But we all know you’re almost done You’re just like the setting sun Oh.oh.oh You are just like the setting sun So what exactly are you building? Oh, on that sinking stone And the person to whom you are lying May just be the most important one The storm clouds they are moving in The target is painted on your back And you can no longer hide this The moon is moving too fast Best of luck in the future But as for now….You look like the setting sun

Eye of the Liar

IN THE SHADOWS THEY HIDE IN THE SHADOWS WE HIDE IT IS TODAY’S SECRETS THAT BECOME TOMORROW’S LIES A church on every corner In a bar away across town One houses alcoholics The other honey brown One man sells a product One man sells a frown And for every ounce of happiness There is despair by the pound It is a rainy evolution A perpetual dumbing down You can find it in the paper You can read it in a magazine Our needs are to be met later Our life a maze of broken dreams And with every new dream chaser Yet another ending in misery And though I may have told a truth For every time that I’ve lied That day you nearly left me Was the first day I felt alive Sailing deeper, as the wind it dies down Getting happier with every frown Broken arms left afloat in the stream of life Broken spirit sinking down a hole without light When I must look at a photograph Just to see my smile I feel as if I am running laps To complete the longest mile


SIN TOOTH Armies of nothings Heroes made zeros Sin tooth sucking on a broken bone Fingering a hole where the scab has fallen off and suffering a selfish hate fest His dystopian eyes seeing only soured lies dripping from a corpses breast The man in the mirror Is not getting an clearer He slowly fades away GRANDPA’S LAUGHING FROM THE OLD FOLK’S HOME GRANDMA’S DYING SHE’S far away ALL ALONE SIN TOOTH CHEWING ON THE DEAD MAN’S HOPE LEAVING YET ANOTHER BURNT OUT SOUL A MAN WILLING TO TRADE PAIN FOR PLEASURE My skin grows pail Fingernails fall off I watch the ghost of myself reappear Memories wasted To some form of artificial help I need somebody Not just anybody I need a place to disappear Instead I watch That man in the mirror Hanging from a tree of desperation Invite the day Give up the night Break the cycle See the light Everything that is worth while Must be earned You must be willing to fight Or you will certainly fade away

Photograph- Words by Matt James

Losing all of the lost causes Familiarity breeding contempt I am not the loser I have lost the winner within I am feeling sluggish With a schedule that does not allow Downtime, Oh lord knows I spend so much time down And I have yet to find One reason to ever smile However, I can’t shake this frown I cannot afford the warmth of love I am the broken man The tread of my soul is worn thin I stumble through your door Never to return My pride will not allow such blasts Ego the double-edged sword One-minute the hero The next in line at the enemy stand One mile away One more car ride to nowhere Yes doc I am depressed My skin is resistant to growth All day argument with god Please free this weary soul I can no longer shoot this pain away I can no longer afford to run Here I am the setting sun Slowly I fade beyond the horizon Behind the mountains of debt The passerby the stranger The train no tracks The relief is gone The belief is wrong They say love is a pho-to-graph Of something ugly Made beautiful By the way you hold your cam-er-a-a-a…..

Just added lyrics to the songs on Reverbnation

Check it out just posted the lyrics to the demo...We are considering working with Emmy Award Winning David Traugh on completing our first full lenght album

May 22nd at the Marietta Brewing Company

MJPN is on board with the MBC. Come check us out May 22nd with special guests Nathaniel Good and the Boots. We will be showcasing new music, and free demos will be available to all that attend!