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Support Local Music: Its easy

SUPPORT LOCAL MUSIC? .. Top Thirteen Reasons to Support Local Music: Reason 13: A typical rock concert costs $40. For $40 you can see 5-8 local shows at a cost of $5 - $8 to get in the door. Reason 12: A typical rock concert features 2 or 3 bands. A local show typically features 3 to 5 bands, or more. Reason 11: Typical rock concerts are generally held in large venues. Often it is difficult to see the performers as well as if you'd watched it on TV. Reason 10: Cameras and recording devices are usually not allowed at a typical rock concert. Local bands usually let you tape their shows and take photos to your heart's content. Reason 9: You usually have to drive further to go to a typical rock concert, and park far away once you get there. Reason 8: You often have to pay for parking. Reason 7: You frequently have to wait for a long time in a traffic jam to get out of the parking lot. Reason 6: You usually can't dance at a typical rock concert. Reason 5: You probably won't make any new friends at a typical rock concert. Reason 4: You usually can't meet the band members at the typical rock concert. At a local show, you can often become friends with them. Reason 3: CDs from typical rock bands cost about $15. CDs from local bands usually cost between $5-$10. Reason 2: Regular t-shirts from typical rock bands are going for around $30!!!!! Local bands usually charge about $5-$10, and you sometimes have your choice of shirt styles. (Hey wait a minute, aren't we advertising for you when we wear them?) Reason 1: It is a myth that nationally known musicians with record contracts are any better than local musical acts. The nationally known acts are usually marketed to us in the same way the latest big movie is sold. Yes, the Strokes sound really good, have very well produced videos, and have an appealing look. But you could take Strange Division, a band from Akron, and give them the same budget, and voila! you have the Next Big Thing. If you are still skeptical about supporting local music, please try this experiment: 1. Go to see a local band whose style appeals to your musical tastes. Check these websites for schedules and decriptions of bands of various musical genres. 2. While you are at the show, if you have a good time, buy a CD from the band that you liked and proceed to step 2. If you don't have a good time, go back to step 1. 3. Say hello to the band members, tell them it was a good show if you thought so. 4. When you go home, play the CD a few times. (for me it usually takes a few times through before I know if I like it.) 5. If you like the CD, play it for your friends and move on to step 6. If you don't like the CD, go back to step 1. 6. Check the band's website (most bands have one) for their schedule. Go see their next show. 7. If your friends liked the CD, take your friends with you to the show this time. If your friends did not like the CD, meet new friends (see step 3). 8. You might find that the band you liked has other bands playing with them that you will also like. If so, go to step 2. If not, go to step 1. Repeat as necessary. I think you will soon discover that local music brings you a superior value.