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Live Show Today

Counting guest, costumes and restringing guitars. We are on at Bottom of the hill tonight at 930pm

You never know what the tide will bring.

So if you could pick the age you would be most successful, what would it be? For me I'd rather slowly climb up that hill than slowly fall off of it. We work the nets and wait for what the tide brings in. Today I felt a huge tug on my line. Turns out my band is headlining the Haight Street Fair June 13th. That's a really big fish to pull in. But now the whole village has heard about the catch. And now everyone is running to the beach to help bag this monster. I believed in myself, I'm the one that got up every morning and put a fresh piece of a song on a hook. Then tossed it as far as I could in to the ocean. Now I get to eat this big tasty fish with all the people from the village. The ones that have always believed, that one day I would become a great fisherman. And most important, with my new cred I bet I could now borrow that crotchety old man's fishing boat. Then head out to the deep sea with courageous sailors that are not afraid of sea monsters.

We are lucky to be alive.

Friends and fans, we are wishing you a happy, healthy, stay-out-of-the-poor-house new year. Recently we’ve all seen misfortune thrust upon 100's of thousands of people. Makes me wonder…are we just lucky? Or are the Haitians unlucky? Maybe both. I bet last week most of them thought things couldn't get any worse, then wham, everything gone. Things are much worse, and looking darker everyday. The contrast between my comfort and their discomfort is so vast it's hard to comprehend. Like a trillion dollars, no one can really grasp it. How would your day change today if we were hit with an even bigger quake? The simplest things in life, once gone, become so precious…that first cup of coffee with the Sunday paper, a morning kiss, walking the dog around the block, wondering what I might have for lunch, finding a pair of pants that fit me properly, sitting down with a guitar and writing something small and insignificant about life. All would turn into just dreams. That is, if you’re lucky enough to fall asleep and not have nightmares. Not to mention, wondering if you'll wake up at all. "Everyday we need to count our lucky stars," an old-as-the-hills saying, means more to me every time I hear it. There is nothing any of us can't live without, except people. Have you sen the movie The Bucket List? The main theme is that there are two questions you have to answer to get into heaven. First, did you live a fulfilling life? And second, did you help anyone else live a fulfilling life? It's people. That's what hurts the most when I think of the loss in Haiti. For some love, gone forever.

So here’s to celebrating life, love, and counting lucky stars. Now go out and hear some live music!