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Download Whisper for free

Well the day is here, you may have heard the YouTube streams, now you can have the real deal yourself. These mp3s were ripped from the master disc at 192kbs.

We hope you enjoy it, let us know what you think!

Direct link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=HMP1WKIP

Bit Torrent: http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/6835149

DARK SPECTRUM: 'Whisper' Album Art, Track Listing Revealed

DARK SPECTRUM: 'Whisper' Album Art, Track Listing Revealed - November 16, 2011

"Whisper", the new album from Chicago metallers DARK SPECTRUM, will be released for free download on November 22 via Bit Torrent and the band's official Reverb Nation page. The CD was recorded at Apothica Studios in Batavia, Illinois. Joe Tiberi of MECHINA once again handled production and recording duties, as well as the mixing and mastering.

The track listing is as follows:

01. Whisper 02. The Soil Is Shour 03. Perplexed In Chaos 04. Sociopath 05. Blood Of The Lambs

Commented DARK SPECTRUM bassist Thatcher Markham: "We had a full blown concept for an album cover but it had to be scrapped for two reasons, contractual obligations and money. We disbanded and wanted to release the album for free but the fact that we weren't going to sell it went against the contract signed with the artist. So what you see, this isn't what it was meant to be, but it serves its purpose. Fitting that this was the last photo ever taken of us as a band.

"All the time, effort, work, heart, and soul, to just let these songs disappear and fade away without a release of any sort is just completely unacceptable to us. Even though we will probably never be a band again the four of us are extremely proud of what we wrote and recorded. At this point its just about getting the music out there for free to anyone that wants it and about closure and solace for us.

"People allegedly don't pay for music anymore anyway, so consider this an offering out to the metal world so to speak.

Commented DARK SPECTRUM lead guitarist Dennis Franco: "Although the band did not go as far as it could have, I feel as though I am entirely 100% accomplished with the album. The album itself is the biggest reward to me that came out of this journey with DARK SPECTRUM.

DARK SPECTRUM released a video for the single "Perplexed in Chaos" back in May 2011.


Echoes From Beyond

Well haven't we been a busy band lately. I don't know what has gotten into us but we have wrote and completed three new songs this month. Pathways, Echoes From Beyond and another song thats done but untitled at the moment.

We're playing our first headlining show in over two years Saturday September 10 at Ultra Lounge. I know I say it a lot but I want you all out there, its going to be a sight to see (then again aren't they all!?) We'll be breaking those new songs out and finally be able to play more than we usually can. Kataplexy will be there as well so come on out and see some sweet, brutal Chicago metal!

Whisper will be out soon, October is looking like the appropriate time, for real this time, there will be a couple press releases out in the next couple weeks.

July 23

Tomorrow (Sunday June 24) we will be having our official listening party for Whisper at The Exit, come on out and have a few drinks with us, its going to be a party for sure! It doesn't matter if you have seen us live or not, Whisper is an entity all of its own. Perplexed in Chaos is our single of course and gives you an idea of what to expect, but first no two songs of ours sound the same, and second that is just a preview of what else is on there..

Also the days are quickly winding down, August 3rd will be here soon, we haven't played Reggie's since February with the mighty Death Angel, and now it is almost time to come back with Lazarus AD. We have a few surprises in store for you all. I'll admit our setlist has been pretty set in stone the last couple shows, but this one, oh yes, just wait! If you need a ticket you can get them over here http://www.ticketweb.com/t3/sale/SaleEventDetail?dispatch=loadSelectionData&eventId=3745455&pl=mp

More as it comes. And lastly I just want to offer our condolences to the people of Norway.

Whats coming next...

Thank you to everyone that came out to the show at Red Line Tap last night! I get the feeling a lot of people there had never heard us before, but when all was said and done I know it was enjoyed! The live shows are really started to come together to a new level I feel.

Our next show is Wednesday, August 3rd at Reggies with Lazarus AD. We will be opening directly for them and we could not be more excited. That will truly be a must a see!

Whisper's artwork is almost complete and will be ready to be shown soon enough. The record release is looking like it will be September or October. I know I say a different month each time and things keep getting pushed back, but we are doing this all ourselves and it takes time, money and patience. We want everything to be down perfect as can be and our standards are high...

If anyone wants a Dark Spectrum t shirt, right now we can sell them through facebook or email, just contact darkspectrumband@gmail.com, the shirts are $12 plus an extra $3 for shipping and handling. We also have Netherstate posters available for $1, and of course every order comes with a free copy of the Perplexed in Chaos single.

May 26th

Thanks to all who came out to the show at Memories with Sister Sin. It was surprising to say the least to be asked for an encore under those circumstances!

The only unfortunate thing is the flyer that we had out has a typo on it, the show is on Saturday the 25th, not what is written on there. If you show up on what day is printed on there, there may be a show going on, but it will not be Dark Spectrum and Deadnight...

The Whisper artwork is near completion, when it is done we'll have a full press release.

So everyone, come on out to the Metal Up Your Tap show with Deadnight, its going to be a great one! We will have more Perplexed in Chaos singles to hand out and we also still have our Necronomicon seal shirt.

- Thatcher

Late April Report

The month is almost up so here's a recap of all that is Dark Spectrum since my last update...

For starters and most importantly, our next show has just been confirmed and announced, it will be Friday May 20, at Memories. We will be playing with Sister Sin, Sacred Dawn and Javelina, it should be a good time with some good bands and a diverse bill for all your metal tastes.

Also we just shot and filmed our music video for the single Perplexed in Chaos. It was a grueling 14 hours, we were all very tired and exhausted but its all worth it, 14 hours is nothing for this band and what it means to us. It is being edited right now and hopefully we should have it up in about a month. In the mean time to keep everyone busy with videos we will soon start putting up videos from our last show.

Art has been commissioned for Whisper, it will be unveiled when it is ready.

Shirts are in the works, the design is really cool, we should have them for the show on May 20th.

That's about all for now. Stay tuned for more and believe me, there is a lot more! Shows, the album, who knows what else!


Yakuza recap + news

Before I even get started I want to say that the show last night at the Beat Kitchen was great! To all that came out and got to see our set, thank you. You guys were great and the show couldn't have gone off any better!

We will have photos from the show soon. Also thanks to Mike Doucet and Don Johnson for coming out last night and filming us. We will have new videos soon hopefully ideally so stay tuned for that...

And if you missed it, check out our single from the new album. The track is called Perplexed in Chaos, its a nice little fast track about society.

That's about it for now. Keep on checking back here and spread the word, we need you guys to be able to keep doing what we do!

Keep it brutal!


March 22

Well where to start... the other day we just went back into Apothica studios and finally finished up Whisper! We are definitely, without a doubt, 100% satisfied with it, there's just a few things we need to take care of before a release date or time is set. But the good news is the Yakuza show at the Beat Kitchen is only 11 days away, and if the stars and planets align properly, we just may have brand new killer shirts and possibly a new free single. So come on out!

March 8 update

If you're reading this then thanks for the interest in Dark Spectrum! The track Netherstate has just been uploaded, its the title track from our 2008 demo. Right now we are in the process of completing our new ep, titled Whisper. Expect to be pleasantly surprised, we have progressed a lot since anything you will hear on this page at the moment!