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Starting a Blog

Hi Everyone…I have been asked recently what it is that I do in my everyday life. So I’m starting a blog!!!

Recently I have started working with consultant to bring my singing career to the next level. So one thing he wanted to do was work on “my look”. On 2/17/10 my day started with an hour and forty five minute drive to Vegas at 10 in the morning. When we arrived in Vegas, we went straight to a salon. Fun, hip and cute were my major aim’s for my new hair style/look. I want you all to know how weird I am about my hair. Chopping it off is OUT of the question. Dye it? Absolutely NOT! The poor hairstylist had to listen to five whole minutes of my “refusal” lecture. When I finally shut my mouth she started laughing at me. “I wouldn’t hurt your hair if you paid me”, she said. I was relieved, and a little embarrassed for dragging the subject on and on. In the end, we decided that Friday I would settle for a trim and styling.

After our chat with her, we went straight to the recording studio. It was my very first time with my original songs in a professional studio. Let me tell you, I was really nervous. When we got there, my Mom and I were introduced to the producer. He was so laid back and fun. We started the pre-production by playing the songs a few times to find a very comfortable speed and pitch. The major recording session is coming up March 6th. The songs should be posted sometime in April if not sooner. So check back every now and then and take a listen.