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Sin City Part III

Hey Ya’ll! Here is part 3! If you haven’t read part 1 & 2, be sure to! Where did I leave off? Oh yeah! On Thursday, we ate at my most favorite burger joint in the world! In N Out baby! If you have never been there I highly recommend going! It is fantastic! I have missed it more than I ever could imagine! When night rolled around, I was hanging out with the amazingly fun Western Justice at the MGM Grand Gold Buckle Zone. Again, thanks to that remarkable band for calling me up to sing with you! I had a total blast with you crazy guys! PS: Some of you may be wondering why I constantly talk about the Tin Haul brand. My reason is because they are so darn cool! For Rad boots, check out www.eroper.com Friday! Friday! Friday! The most exciting day of the entire week! We woke up before the dawn, and started getting primped and ready for the long day ahead of us. Around 7 am we were sipping on some coffee down at the MGM Grand. Everyone met up for one last rehearsal while Knapptime, (I call him the Camera Man) was doing some filming. (Knapptime, you did an amazing job filming and interviewing me! Thank You Man!) That done, the whole group headed down to the Sands Convention Center. As soon as we arrived, it was time to sing on the Anthony Lucia Show. (For those of you who don’t follow the rodeo circuit, Anthony interviews all of the rodeo cowboys on his show.) The show was completely amazing! (Thanks Anthony for having us!) Western Justice and I on the Anthony Lucia Show After the show, we all went back to the MGM Grand. Remember how I talked about Amie, the coolest Karman Inc Rep ever? Guess what? That amazing lady gave us tickets to see Joe Nichols! See?! She is awesome! When I was 13, I saw Joe Nichols in concert. I always admired the way he made the crowd feel so “at home”. Almost five years later, he still has that way of making you feel so relaxed and okay with having a good time. Joe Nichols is amazing! My mom and little sister were dancing and singing along to every word! All 3 of us got to meet Joe, but my little sister had the cutest photo with him! Later on, we were all hanging out at the Gold Buckle Zone when something really rad happened. Amanda (from Annabelle Road) asked me to sing a duet with her. I was ecstatic! Guess which song we picked? Kerosene, by Miranda Lambert, one of my personal favorites! Imagine this, two blonde lead singers rocking out and singing a Miranda Lambert song. Its a great way to get any crowd up on their feet and dancing! Western Justice and I played my song “Girls Are Heroes Too” one last time together before I said goodbye to everyone. It was such a pleasure meeting and working with all of you! Thank you so much Karman Inc for your endorsement and your invite! We love you guys and hope to see you next year! After an extraordinary week in Las Vegas, it was time to go back home to Nashville. I can honestly say, after staying up a total of 27 hours, all I remember about that plane ride, was putting my seat belt on….

Sin City Part II

Hope you all had a great nap from part 1. So to recap: We were getting ready to go the ACA Awards show. Feeling like fairy tale princess’ we paraded through the casino arm and arm. Being dressed in formal attire and walking through a crowd of cowboys is sure to get you a look! When we presented our tickets the ticket agent told us to hurry that we only had a few minutes to show time to be seated. I’ve never been to a show like this, and it was amazing to see all the back stage commotion, extras, and grips it took to air the show. “5-4-3-2-Applause“. When you watch it on TV, it appears so seamless. We saw Trace Atkins, The Eli Young Band, Chris Young (oh yeah ladies, be very J), Toby Keith, The Band Perry, Carrie Underwood and many more! I must say, that my most favorite performers of the night, were none other than Alabama! Needless to say, that show ROCKED! (Thanks Amie for giving us the tickets!) After the show, we strutted back into our country selves again, (formal dresses are fun, but I love my Tin Haul jeans, PS: get some on www.eroper.com!) and went down to The Gold Buckle Zone. Western Justice was playing and the crowd was having a ball, when out of nowhere, I heard my name, and they called me on stage to sing! Whooo! I love it when that happens! They had me sing a couple of songs, including my new single "Girls Are Heroes Too". (Which is being played on Clear Channel radio stations, so be sure to request it!) That was so fun!!! When I got off stage, we met Annabelle Road, one of Karman Inc’s other endorsed bands. They are so energetic on stage! Amanda, Larry, Jeremy, and Donovan, Ya’ll Rock, it was a pleasure meeting you!

Tuesday, we drove back out to my hometown and visited family and friends again. We stopped and got Pizza from my FAVORITE Pizza place K-7. Great Pizza...If your ever in Pahrump you have to try them!!! Do not pass go! It was really nice to see familiar faces. I miss you all already! That night, Mom and I drove back to Vegas, and gladly went to bed early!

Wednesday, was one of my favorite days! Another early morning (thank you Coffee!) we headed for the MGM for band practice. Then we walked down to the MGM Convention Center. After rocking the stage, Cuttin Up Radio asked me to do an interview! So exciting (it was so fun meeting you guys)! Right after the interview, I signed autographs, and let me say, (having people waiting in a line for me to sign) I have never smiled so big! My face actually hurt! =] I got to meet a bunch of the Roper, Tin Haul, and Stetson “family” while we were there. What a blessing to be endorsed by such a great group of individuals. Oh! I got an autograph from rodeo super star Trevor Brazile to! For you non-rodeo readers, Trevor Brazile is 16 time World Champion! That’s all for now folks! Be sure to look at the pictures and I say again, its alright to comment (the comment box will NOT bite). See you soon for part tres!!!

Sin City NV Part 1

To see photos see webpage blog www.kelcylee.com/blog

Hey Ya’ll! Kelcy Lee here! As you all know, I just returned to TN from a fabulous week in Las Vegas, Nevada. What happened? What did I do? Where did I go? I find that the best place to start is the very beginning. Sorry could not resist. =P It all started with a wonderful opportunity, presented to me by my endorsers Karmen Inc. When you get asked to perform in Las Vegas, you say yes, every single time! They invited us to perform at the Stetson Country Christmas for the week of the National Finals Rodeo. (For those of you who don’t know what the NFR is, it is basically the Superbowl of Rodeo) Wooooooot! If you know me at all, you know that I am a HUGE rodeo fan! On Saturday morning we had a direct flight to Vegas, and I must admit that direct flights are the best! While on the plane, we met an awesome couple from KY, and invited them to some of the shows. Did they show up? Yes they did! (Thank you guys so much! We appreciate the support!)

Okay, where was I? Oh yeah… after landing safely on the ground, we met with our Karman Inc Rep, Amie (also known as the coolest lady ever!) and met her for dinner at the MGM. Soon afterwards, we went to the Gold Buckle Zone at the MGM and met with the guys from Western Justice. They were my back up band for the week, as well as playing their own shows. Then Amie surprised us with tickets to Joey and Rory’s concert! PS: Joey and Rory are one of my all time favorite duets! They are absolutely awesome!

Brad, Jesse, Jim, Bruce, and Paul from Western Justice were so amazing! They had to learn a bunch of my songs in less than 24 hours! We had a blast in the hotel room working together to get the songs down pat. (Western Justice, thank you for being so much fun to work with!)

The next day, my Mom, my Sister, and I drove an hour out of Vegas to my little hometown of Pahrump NV. I can honestly say, it hasn’t changed very much, and I’m glad that it hasn’t. I really miss my family and friends in Nevada, and we are so thankful we were able to see some of you!

Monday morning, we woke up at the crack of dawn (whoever discovered coffee, I love you), and headed down to the MGM Grand. Amie and Western Justice were there waiting with the Roper vehicle. The Roper Vehicle, or as I now call it, the Clown Car, is a big SUV that fits a lot of people in it. For example, we had 11 people plus equipment in it that I can remember. It was a pretty tight fit, but it was fun! Ha ha! You’ve gotta love moments like that! The first show on Monday, was at the Mandalay Bay. It was really fun! Western Justice kicked butt at learning the songs so quickly! After our show was over, we hurried back to the Clown Car, squished inside, and headed back to the MGM. Why were we in a hurry? Because, thanks to Amie, we all had tickets to the ACA Awards Show! Eeeeep! How cool is that? Anyways, all of the ladies went back to the hotel, and started getting pretty. I want to give a shout-out to my friend Cyndi for coming over and doing such a great job on everyone’s hair! You are awesome girl! All for now…I will have to break this up in a series or I will of found a cure for insomnia for sure! Be sure to look at the photos and its ok, (I promise) to comment. See you for part duex!!!

My First Endorsment

Kelcy Lee September 12, 2011

Howdy Hey! Well I am sooooooo excited to announce that I am endorsed by Karman Inc. They represent Tin Haul, Roper and Stetson. In exchange for plugs on stage and photos I get to wear super uber clothes from their lines. I have been wearing Stetson and Roper for many years so it was an easy fit. Tin Haul is a new line for the teen to 25 market. They have the coolest radical looking boots ever! The jeans are still cowboy/cowgirl but with lower waists and added bling and fades that make them more hip and more modern. The shirts are typical western styling with extra pizazz that makes them trendy and “Hip to be Western!” So from the bottom of my heart…Thank you Karman Inc! Go to www.eroper.com to check them out! You can find links where a local retailer is near you! Happy Shopping! Luv, Luv, Kelcy Lee

My Trip to the Land Of Sunshine

Kelcy Lee September 23, 2011

Where should I start? Lets see, Wednesday we flew a total of 14 hours (including the layovers) from Nashville, to NC, to Phoenix, then to Fresno. I was greeted with a bouquet of flowers and a SUV to pick the band, mom, and myself up. We stayed at a delightful hotel called the Lamp Liter Inn in Visalia. They have a restaurant that has awesome delish, food. The following day we had sound check at Twilight Park. OMGosh…the stage is freaking huge! After a rocking rehearsal we went to the catering area and saw Big Kenny, but sorry no pictures. After a quick bite we were rushed to our dressing area to get ready. We were the first act and I was a little nervous because I was launching new songs. The crowd loved them! We had a lot of audience participation. It was sooooooo fun and so exhilarating! After our set we went to the VIP section and I felt like a rock star! Autographs and photos. Does wonders for a girls ego! We got to watch the rest of the show. Gretchen, Cowboy Troy, and B&R put on a knock you out of the ring show! Then we were off to a private after party. Sorry can’t say what happened…kind of like Vegas. Friday we got a tour of the town, went out to eat and go window shopping. Saturday we went to Disneyland and got to stay at the Hilton. Wooooot! Sunday we shopped at the Downtown Disney and later that day we went to the beach. Monday we put on a private show for Twilight Park. Tuesday off to the airport. So while I’m sitting for the next 14 hours, trying to drown out the very loud voiced, drunk woman, talking politics (even with my ear phones) I decided to write this blog. Oh before I forget. I know we posted that we would have a HD video and professional photos but no can do. B& R owns the rights to the show and we did not take our own photos because we thought we would have professional shots. If anyone was at the concert I would love it if you would forward some pics. My sincerest thanks to Twilight Park and the crew for making me and my band feel so special! Memories for a lifetime! =]

To Blog or Not to Blog

So what is the 411 on Kelcy Lee? Well let’s see…I had a ton of business meetings about my brand and a correct launching date. There is so much to consider! These meetings have been both beneficial and educating. I am very grateful to be surrounded by awesome people (hug hug) that are great in all the areas of the music industry.

My song Girls Are Heroes Too is complete. Steve Bishir is the man! It has turned out soooooo good. I know you are as anxious to hear it, as much as I am anxious to release it, but please be patient. We still have a few finishing touches in the legal area. We will be working with the Armed Forces on this song and hopefully making radio play soon. I am uber excited!

I am officially with BMI. Whoo!

I have two investors from Texas looking at my music. Cross your fingers, toes, eyes, etc, and send up a prayer that one of them comes through with funds!

Will be signing with a publishing company. When the paperwork is done, I can announce who it is.

Been in writing mode too. Wrote a couple more songs with my buddy Bill Diluigi. We always have so much fun writing together. If you are coming to the event on Saturday the 29th of October at Nashville Center Stage 9 pm at the Viva Nashville Art Fest, you can hear a bunch of the new songs we have cowritten together. It will be a rocking show with my band. Come on down would love to meet you in person. =)

Also had the opportunity and pleasure to write with Brigette Tatum. She co-wrote the song She’s Country that was a huge ginormous hit for Jason Aldean. She is awesome! I hope we get the chance to write together again in the future. She is on tour with Heidi Newfield doing an all ladies act. You do not want to miss this show! The tour is called, She’s Country. You can find out when they are coming to your town at www.shescountrytour.com

Ohhhh! I have to thank my wonderful, fantabulous, amazing, endorsement of Stetson, Tin Haul, and Roper! They sent me a care package of new clothes! I LOVE THEM! It was like an early Christmas! You have to check out them out at www.eroper.com

What else? Oh! I got to attend Heidi Newfield’s Birthday Party. Shhhh…I will tell you a secret. Celebs celebrate their birthday just like us! LOL you thought I was going to give you some juicy gossip.

Gosh…for a minute there I thought I had a slow month. After typing this out I just realized how busy I really was. Blessings come in all shapes and sizes.

Wishing many blessings to all of you! Off to band practice…

Big Hugs!

Kelcy Lee


Hey Everyone! Lately I have been asked a ton of random questions. I have decided to answer all of them for you, and to do my best keeping you updated. Don’t hesitate to send ask more questions, spread the word, and leave me some love!

Sincerely, Kelcy Lee

Question 1: How do you like Tennessee?

I really love Tennessee! It is beautiful, very green, and the people are really sweet. So far, Nashville is my favorite city. You can literally feel the music in the air. Memphis and Jackson are also on my favorites list.

Question 2: Do you miss Nevada? If so, what do you miss about Nevada?

I lived in Nevada most of my life. I still call it home. I miss the sunsets, cloudless skies, and hot temperatures. Most of all, I miss the people I left behind. (P.S. I Love You Guys!)

Question 3: You keep talking about your new songs, when do we get to hear them?

As soon as I have enough money to record them professionally, I will be glad to post them. Trust me, they are worth the wait. =]

Question 4: When are you going to sell your first album?

As soon as I have enough money to record it or have a label backing me. I am as anxious as you are.

Question 5: Is there another way to contact you?

The fastest way to contact me is Facebook. However, www.kelcylee.com has links to all of my sites. If you would like to send me a letter, send it to Kelcy Lee P.O. Box 345 Lebanon Tennessee, 37088

Question 6: Why do you always tell your fans you love them?

I do love my fans! When you tell me you love me, I’m going to say it back.

Question 7: Who is your favorite band right now?

That’s really hard to answer! There are so many great bands out there. In the country music genre, I would have to say The Band Perry is my favorite. You guys rock!

Question 8: What do you when your not working towards your music career?

When I’m not talking to you, I spend a lot of time with my family. We like to watch movies and eat popcorn together. I also like reading books, and working out.

Question 9: Do you have any special someone in your life right now?

As a matter of fact, I have two wonderful guys named Mister Bowflex and Mister Guitar. They haven’t figured out that I am dating both of them yet though.

Question 10: Do you have any celebrity crushes? If so, who?

I have one celebrity crush, and his name is Chris Young. He sings the way he looks, which is really pretty. The cowboy hat is a bonus that ties it all together!

My Five Favorite Guilty Pleasure Foods

1: Peanut M&N's

2: Blue Bell Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream

3: Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich's

4: Mashed Potatoes and Gravy

5: Cheez It's

Birthday Party and Photo Shoot

February 24th was my 16th birthday. So, on the 27th we decided to throw a birthday bash. But there was a problem, it was pouring rain outside! Plan B came along when my Dad suggested that we clean up the garage. It took all day to make it party perfect, but it was worth it! By the time it started, it seemed like we had planned it the whole time. The teens and I partied in the garage with the music blaring. And the adults stayed in the warm house or by the fire on the porch. I had a blast dancing all night!

Last Sunday I had my very first professional photo shoot. It was amazing! The hair/makeup stylist came to my house at 12:00. She styled my hair in big wavy curls. Then she did my makeup. I have never seen my eyelashes with that much volume! Around 1:00 the photographer arrived. We shot photos with a 71 Bronco, and near an old wagon. The photos should be posted fairly soon. So keep an eye out for those and be sure to tell me what you think. ;)

Volunteering at the Nursing Home

Sunday, February 21st, 2010. Instead of staying at home and doing homework, I decided to do something I have never done. My day started at 4:30 in the morning when my friend and I climbed into the back seat of her mom’s car. A few minutes later we were at the Nursing Home. Around 6 my friend and I started to set up the dining room. We would serve the residents either coffee or hot chocolate as they came in. After breakfast was served, we set up a table in the tv room, full of nail polish. Women waited patiently in line while we painted and created. They told us about their lives as teenagers, and being in love the first time. I met so many wonderful people. These ladies were so charming and excited to tell thier stories. This will most definitely not be the last time I volunteer at the nursing home. I also started a “Fan Page” on Facebook. OMGosh…I had over 200 people the first day! Thank you all for the support.