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R&D Records / Blog

Do Androids Dream Of Electric Guitars?

Darren & I often have conversations about where music technology is going to be heading in the next 10 - 20 years. The last 15 years has almost been totally devoted to recreating the technology that preceded it for 30 years before that, the only difference is that it’s on a totally different medium.

Yep, I’m talking about the digital emulation of an analog world. Now for all you tech-heads, this definitely is not a ‘Digital Vs Analog’ argument – there is enough of that horseshit floating around the internet and we are all very bored of what everyone’s opinion of it is. But what interests us is what is coming next that will make us stand up and take notice? Admittedly, I don’t think it’s going to have much to do with the recording medium(s) we use. That will progress much the same way it has been for the last 15 years. I really wonder if it will come back perhaps an innovative new instrument that someone invents.

All you need to do is look at the impact the Piano had when it was invented in the early 18th Century, or the electric guitar in the 1940’s and even the development of the synthesizer in the 70’s and 80’s. You have to remember that BEFORE these things came about, NO ONE could even have imagined what they would sound like, let alone the impact it would have on our everyday lives. Even the concept of stereo (or two channels of audio you hear: left and right) had to be invented and implemented. We just take it for granted!

So what is it? The way things are recorded? A new instrument that takes the world by storm? A new listening platform that plugs directly into our brain and tickles our temporal lobe? Is it the introduction of a microtonal scale that has 24 notes in an octave?

Something is coming – it always does. We would just like to be on top of it when it arrives.

Let me know your thoughts. Ric

Sound Advice From A Creepy Little Man.

This week I thought I'd talk about a quote that R&D's partner, and very good friend Nick Christy had told us about a while back. It's a fairly simple saying and at first it doesn't have an earth shattering effect on the mind, but I've come to notice that this particular little ditty can be so very applicable to musicians; and anyone in the arts for that matter. Hopefully it will give you some inspiration: it's from the really fucking bizarre mind of Woody Allen and the quote is:

"80% of success is just showing up"

Now the first time I read it I wasn't that fussed with it, I found it moderately amusing. I also thought that the Dalai Lama would have some more profound sayings that you could probably bust out when picking up chicks. Especially when as a musician you may think, 'I turn up to the gig every second Friday... what's the problem?' Let me explain...

The ability to follow through with things that are essential to success is quite often lacking with people in the music industry. So the quote could be applicable to a musician in the following ways:

"80% of success is just showing up" to... *the piano/guitar everyday to do scales. *the computer keyboard EVERY DAY to do some promotion *the pad and pen to write a new song once a week *the phone to book some shows *the van and spend 5 hours putting posters up around town *the practice room to revise the same songs you've played for 5 years *the forums to network with other bands *the alarm clock to set a time for an early start rather than sleep in for 3 hours *the kitchen table to write a business plan for the band *the Baked Bean specials at Coles so you can put more money towards the next photo shoot. *Wordpress to write your weekly blog

... you get the idea.

It will take more than good music to get a fan base of ten thousand people and a national tour. So when you can't be fucked doing a few things to get that band/solo career rolling... maybe think of that quote. Hope it works for you.


Blog Numero Uno & The Golden Globes!

This is the first of what is to be a weekly scribble of thoughts regarding all sorts of things that regard music and the music industry, or anything that may enter my life here at R&D Records. The topics will be anywhere between "Hard & heavy" and "Deep as a cat's bowl" and I encourage anyone and everyone to make comments and have discussions.

As many of you who know me are probably already aware, I'm much better at constructing sound than I am at constructing sentences, so if you feel the urge to say something like; "Hey Ric! That's the wrong use of a semi-colon in the second paragraph!" then you can straight up fuck off. I am most probably going to get my girlfriend to look over these blogs as she has a much better grasp on the English language than I do, so hopefully a lot of grammatical errors should hopefully be sorted. Having said that, I nearly beat her at iPhone scrabble last night so it either means that a) I don't give myself enough credit, or b) she wrote me off thinking I'd suck terribly and slipped in over confidence.

I personally am going with b)

I watched a fair bit of the Golden Globe Awards the other night and must say that I think it can be more of a social experiment for the media than anything else. For anyone who saw it would note, Ricky Gervais was as insulting and in-your-face as anyone could possibly be, making everyone extremely uncomfortable and cringing in their seats - including the home viewers. Now who could think for one minute that the organisers of the awards weren't aware of the way Ricky was going to handle himself? That was a rhetorical question by the way.... I think they knew EXACTLY what they were doing making him host (again), because as the number of viewers was falling every year, they had to resort to the style of television they know people just can't look away from - train wreck television.

I know the Golden Globe Awards have nothing directly to do with music, but I think the same thing happens with award ceremonies in the music industry as well. Just look at a certain Australian Music Industry night that was televised just recently. Although I'm not sure the organisers planned THAT one intentionally....I know LOTS of people who will be tuning in this year - just to see if it could possibly get any worse!

Anyone have their de-butt album coming out soon?