Analog Recording

Nothing Sounds Like Tape Why does music recorded on analog tape sound so good? To understand why, a professional tape recorder provides the most lifelike reproduction revolves around a couple of important factors. The key lies in the inherent technology of the tape itself. Audio tape in use during the 1950s and ’60s provided approximately 65,000,000 magnetic particles per second of recording a quarter inch format at 15 inches per second (ips) tape speed. Each magnetic oxide particle or groups of particles takes on either a north or south orientation after exiting the recording head. Starting to sound like digital bit stream? Well yes and no. However there is one huge difference between analog tape recordings and even the best digital recordings. Resolution The highest digital resolution today offers 4,608,000 bits switching per second. Not bad. Big improvement over the standard Red Book CD but it is not even close to sub-micron particle resolution of ATR Master Tape. Random Particle Stacking Quarter inch, two track ATR Master Tape running at 15 inches per second (ips) involves approximately 80,000,000 oriented and randomly stacked particles per track second. It’s not just the particle count but the random stacking that turns this super binary resolution into pure analog playback. This is why even a narrow track width recording still sounds so detailed despite the lower surface area. Music is an intrinsic part of the human soul. It plays to our emotions, it talks to us, it calms us, it makes us rise to our greatest accomplishments and brings back our warmest memories. Why not record it on the best medium to achieve the best quality of sound?

"ROCK-U-PIE" Labor Day Festival

We have an idea for a Labor Day Fest and calling it "Rock-U-Pie" - Are you interested in helping talk to the right people and organize?

1/01/14: Cool you like the idea(early stages of conception) Have a couple locations in mind(one is a private(less Govt. reg) 28 acre field with electricity, well, 100x50 Bldg, and large pond East of Eugene, Lawrence Rd. and Poodle Creek). Have not contacted the property owner yet. Although might be good to try some place like the Gorge Amphitheater infrastructure in place, but would the owners volunteer? - Doubt it) Then there's *Milo McIver State Park where the 'Vortex 1' festival took place in Oregon in 1970 attracting over 100,000 anti-war music lovers. We have in mind, 3 days of Local and Big name acts(diversified genres). The event should be recorded and filmed and the proceeds put into a trust to help workers defend their rights, voting rights, environmental issues, etc. Nice if it were to become an annual event............... Guest social-political-economic speakers during morning and earlyafternoon(from early morning till 1:00PM and/or between musical acts). Need to get some influential folks involved, such as Activists, Politicians, Business Sponsors, Promoters, KGON(radio stations), Music Biz Big-shots. We're thinking the event should be FREE ADMISSION WITH FOOD and CLOTHING DONATIONS AND/OR CLEANUP, MEDICAL, and NEEDED PROFESSIONAL SERVICES VOLUNTEERING, but should also be a giant fundraiser for economic equality, with proceeds to go to challenge big corporate interests like Monsanto, Walmart, and Koch Industries, IE. and their greedy agendas, education, GMO labeling, voting rights, environmental, etc. ..ALL ideas and influence are Totally Welcome... There must be many ways this event could rally low and middle income people and help take back some of the Power that's been lost over the last 30 years............................... We haven't really done much yet, except bring it up on Reverb Nation and think about it. We are getting some positive feedback from local musicians, but the music biz community so far just circling like Sharks

Update 2/01/14: After watching a news program about the life of Pete Seger, with guests, including Ani DiFranco, Joe Uehlein, John Nichols, and Sandi Bachom, we're now convinced of the important difference and impact an event like this could make. The thought of making this should be a huge, National, if not Worldwide adventure by holding simultaneous festivals in 4 locations in the USA(say in OR, CO, MI, MA?) and possibly other countries as well. All should be filmed and recorded, the monies deposited into a trust which could be democratically administrated by a committee of maybe 33 or 47 or 99 activists ELECTED BY INDIVIDUALS and voted for by telephone (1-800-ROC-KUPI)? This committee would decide how the money was spent(which causes, cases, priorities, and how to effectively spend assets) This would generate huge sums of $$$ once marketed as TV shows and videos(really should be protected from Free distribution for the good of the cause). The speeches and rallies during the day should be recorded as well Don't know if there's enough time between now and Labor Day, but should not be put off another year, because we're unsure the Planet or Republic can survive much longer if something BIG isn't done to change the Status-Quo and Music IS the Universal Language of Organization