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Selur Dog LP (update)

My first single release "In This Flame"(from the Selur Dog lp) made #1 on NumberOneMusic.com Indie Pop charts Wash, DC June 1, 2015 (#23 Nationally). Also it made #2 Reverbnation Indie Pop chart for Wash, DC(2014) & #51Nationally; all with no monetary promotion. Having written and recorded these on the streets of DC as a homeless street performer, I would have to say I'm pretty pleased with the results so far. Will keep you posted.

2014; It's been a great year; thanks all...+...

It really has been a wonderful year for me musically. I was entered into the Hard Rock Cafe contest and made the Reverbnation Top 10 Indie Pop charts for 177 days & for the Top 10 on the Year. And I busked for over $20, 000 in "Donations" over the past three year effort. Thank you to all of my 500, 000 lifetime fans. Can't wait to see where next year brings me. Peace n Love out...+...

Hard Rock Rising 2014

Hard Rock Rising Voting To vote for Donnie Mayer in the Hard Rock Rising contest, go to: www.donniemayer.com Click"Hard Rock Rising" logo; download "Mental Love" then, click: " Like" Hard Rock Cafe, to your Facebook page.. This will give me one vote, Thanks Washington, DC for your Support. Peace n Love ...+...

Looking For Band Members

Since my first month of on-line promotion went so well, gaining 1000 fans in one month; I will be looking for street team members and band members in the coming weeks/months. Need rythem and lead guitarist's, keyboard/synth player, bass and drummer. If interested in helping me perform my songs and possibly yours and (collaboration on new songs in the future); please contact me at: donaldmayer29@yahoo.com