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2015Time to jump on board!

Well after a short time away I am about to make 2015 the best yet! This year I have things in motion to make a serious statement so if you haven't experienced my music now is a good time to start because it only gets better!!! New material is in the works and when I am ready you will will hear it! A more powerful sound in every way! Happy New Year 2015!......Tom


It's been a while since I've written anything here but a few updates are now in order! First happy belated New Year 2013! Freshly back from the west coast and the incredible NAMM Show where i got to hang with some of music's top guitarists and bass players! Met Stu Hamm, John Petrucci and saw old friends like TM Stevens, and a old friend Dave that I hadn't seen in 20 years! So all is good! the band has a Cd out in Europe, music played on stations around the world and new endorsements since the last time we spoke! So if you haven't been here in a while now is the time to come over to our new site www.distortedvoices.com and see what's new!!!! Thanks for the support and help us by getting your friends to join or fan lists to keep up to date with my band!!! Thanks Tom-Distorted Voices

2/9/2012-24 Hours of TOM MARTINI MUSIC!!!!

Well so I was challenged to a bet over the Superbowl. Me being a diehard =NY Giants fan!!! I was challeged by a DJ from NEGB1.com radio in the New England area. We all know what happened so Today NEGB1 Radio will pay up by changing their format for the next 24 hours starting at 7pm tonight and end tomorrow night at 7pm. They will play nothing but Tom Martini music, interviews and other cool stuff. Songs from my current band Distorted Voices and even some older stuff from my old band Intellegent Life (oh boy) it was all in fun but hey I won!!! So hope you tune in and you never know what you may hear! "I Know" will debut on the station tonight so all is good!!!! "Keep It Real!!!" We are a "Voice Of One!".......Cya Tom

OPEN AIR out now!

Join the mailing list and get my new instrumental off my upcoming iTunes release but you get it early!!! "OPEN AIR" FREE!!! Hurry this wont last forever!

New songs!!!

The store is now up and running and you can get all the tunes for your Mp3 player!!! A Voice of One has been released!!! It's a 9/11 Tribute!!! Tom is also now working on his solo CD and hopes to have it our by Dec! Clinics are being booked so watch for Tom at a music store in Ny, Nj, and Pa!!!

More national exposure!!!

August's 2011 Guitar Player Magazine will contain a half page ad by Morley Pedals! "Special Forces" is an ad put out by Morley Pedals in recognition of it's clinic artists who travel and advertises the Morley brand! Tom wishes to thank Bill at Morley Pedals! Now go pick up a copy today!!!

National Exposure Congrats Tom!!!

So with everything going on with DV there is more really awesome news to report! In August, Morley Pedals will run an ad that will include our own Tom Martini! Tom has been with Morley about 8 years now and has been doing clinics for them and endorsing their products the whole time! Starting in the August '11 issue (available in July) Morley will run an ad that will be seen by anyone who has access to Guitar Player Magazine! Together with Morley Tom has established himeslf and earned the respect of his peers through hard work and tenacity! Please pick up a copy of the August Guitar Player Magazine and check out Tom in Morley's ad!!!! Check out Tom's brand new instrumental "No Rules" on Reverbnation!!! ***You can see Tom performing with his band Distorted Voices at Sullivan Hall, NYC May 18th! 18+ to get in and 21+ to drink! 6 great bands that night and doors open at 7pm!!! Come see what the buzz is about!!***

Next stop New York City!!!!

We are coming May 18th to Sullivan Hall NY!!!!! Doors open at 7pm!!! 5 other great bands! 18+ to rock out and 21+ to drink! Only $10 to get in! See ya there! Distorted Voices

Toms going to GuitarCon in Mass with Morley Pedals!!!

Hey everyone! Tom here!!! I am very excited to tell you that I'll be at GuitarCon 2011 in Mass conducting a Morley Pedal clinic! Come out and see all the new pedals and we'll have all kinds of giveaways, CD's posters and even the very first look at a brand new pedal from Morley!!!! I'll be doing the clinic at 6pm on April 16th and hanging at the Morley booth too! Register to win a Morley Pedal!!!! Please check out our main site www.distortedvoices.com because there is a lot going on! Brand new band pitures are now released so you can now see what we look like! You've been warned, lol! See at GuitarCon!!!!! lata Tom

Distorted Voices on TV!!! March 8th

The band has put up a link on our main site www.distortedvoies.com The band will be on Tuesday Night Rocks show on Time Warner Cable!!! Broadcast live from Port Jervis, NY March 8th at 8pm!!!! See and hear the band, the music , and interviews!!!