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Listen to our London Spring 2012 http://www.reverbnation.com/play_now/song_12616513 TY

CDs promotion endend on 1/1/2010

Thank you to everyone that opt.in my email list. If your CD (as promissed) is forgotten or did not arrive, please contact me again and I will send it OK? Thank you to all reverbnation.com team and all musicians, composers and producers that are doing all this happening. Somewhere in a Reverbnatioen email we could read " Let´s make Reverbnation the best music site... " I believe that it is happening.

Promo. Please read. Leia.

EN - Optin my Email List (or Fan if you prefer) and I will send you one of my original Audio Cds. You may choose between " Mikdash The Name Of The Temple " or " Tuvalu Impossible Scream ".... But only to the very fist 50 people and till 2010-1-1 Thanks

PT - Adira à minha lista de emails (ou Fan list) até 1 de Janeiro de 2010 e eu enviarei para si um dos meus dois últimos CDs audio - " Mikdash The Name Of The Temple " ou " Tuvalu Impossible Scream ". Só para as primeiras 50 pessoas.

Se não gostar e ainda for a tempo pode oferecer no Natal a um amigo. Sim a um Amigo, porque a música é de boa qualidade.