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Guitars n Guns East Coast Tour

Well, it's time for me and the boys to hit the road friday for our Guitars n Guns East Coast Tour. We have shows booked as far as New York and Ohio.I will post the show dates at the bottom. Excited? Of course. I am very proud of what we've accomplished so far and all the plans for the future, which is looking pretty bright. When we are done with the east coast, we have some Florida shows. One of which, is a mighty big one with some rock legends like Mike Portnoy (Dream Theatre) and Russell Allen (Symphony X) in Adrenaline Mob. Plans for our Midwest leg of the Guitars n Guns Tour are in the works now and it looks like it will be a bit longer than the first and as a supporting act for someone we will announce as soon as it's confirmed. West coast is after that. Busy mutha fuckers we are and we plan on staying that way. So, for now, here is the show list for East Coast Guitars n Guns Tour.....

Feb. 15th NC Feb. 16th VA Feb. 21st VA Feb. 22nd MD Feb.23rd NY Feb. 28th PA March 7th OH March 8th KY March 13th TN March 15th TN

Hope to see you at one of our shows soon!


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Coast to coast shows

Hello there Sinners! here's some news for our friends on the coasts, Tampa and Cocoa/Melbourne area. We are booking shows in your area, one on each coast, to promote the release of our new Full Length CD, "Guitars and Guns" and the first leg of our National Tour! (with the same name as the CD) We hope to see all of you at whatever venue we end up booking (I will post all the details as soon as I get it) so you can grab a CD and some merch. The CD is 12 songs for $1 a song (Thats only $12 and We accept paypal, credit cards and cash, so don't be shy) and we will have guys and girls shirts. Keep checking in on our social media sites for updates on shows and whatnot. Also, we will post a song off of the new album to listen to as soon as we get 800 likes on Facebook ( feel free to help us out there by sharing our page link on your friends pages). We can't wait to see all you beach bums, Guitars and Guns style! 'Till then Sinners, don't do anything we wouldn't do, but if you do, take a shower and don't name it after us.


First Full Length CD from Familiar Sin

Yes, you read that right. We are in the process of recording our first 12 song, full length CD. All the tracks are recorded and are being mixed and mastered as we speak. The release date will be August 4th at the Haven Lounge (tickets are available now from the bands, $2 at the door with ticket, $5 without) with lots of other great local acts including, Auditory Armory. I mention them specifically because, we had the pleasure of working with April Montallana- Frontwoman of Auditory Armory(and cellist for Fields of Glass), on our record. She plays many instruments but she graced our song "Nowhere" with some sweet string sounds on cello. The song has an eery feel to begin with but with the addition of her "cellorchestra" if you will, it had transformed into a tragically beautiful piece, if I do say so myself. The whole recording process with Dan Manatta-Engineer Extrordinaire, (formerly guitarist for Milka) had been an extremely fun time (minus the stress I put on myself during these types of things, damned perfectionism). Even with being our own worst critics, we are quite happy with the way things are turning out. I believe all you "Sinners" out there will be happy as well. We realize that your virtuous behaviors are quite contradictory to our mission statement of sin, but you have still patiently waited for a tangeable version of our material (considering it's been almost 4 years in the making). We thank you all for the support we have seen in the past, before our break, and all of the recent support for our return. And now to bring it full circle. Another way to thank you will be the Guitar Giveaway at our CD release at the Haven lounge on Aug. 4th. Just one more reason to come sin with us for the low low price of $2 (minus your bartab, which, if you're anything like me, will be enough to sustain a small countries electric bill). Hopefully we will see all the familiar "Sinners" and some new ones at this show in support of our upcoming Midwest Tour (courtesy of Minds I Entertainment, thank you James McComas and gang) and our new CD, full of songs you know and songs we're very proud of getting onto disc for your listening pleasure. So in short, make sure you bring your friends to the CD release, pick up some merch and CD's (you'll need something to tide you over till we get back to town, and when we do, can you say HOB show? maybe?) , support local music and most of all, have a Sinful time!

CJ Orazi, Singer/Guitarist of Familiar Sin

new shows and new sinners!!!

We are proud to announce a new sinner to our lineup, Stone!!! He's our new bass man so come check us out at one of the shows on our list and stay tuned for more announcements!! see ya soon!!!

-CJ Sinner

guitar trax are done!

We have finished the guitar trax for our 3 song demo which is due at the beginning of next year. next is the bass, then the vocals. Big thanks to Tim Lau from the Porch. We also have new shirts with an all new design. big thanks to Eva from Evalution photography for taking such a great picture for us to use on the t-shirt, and thanks to "Caveman" josh from Misanthropist for printing them for us! stay tuned for more sin and debauchery, coming your way after this commercial break...


new song coming soon!

we are going into the studio very soon to put the vox & bass on a new song. we have the drums & guitars already recorded. so, we might have a 2 song demo for you sinners soon. stay tuned! CJ- the Familiar Singer

check out our song "Again"

i did the vox with broken ribs. completely painful experience, but i love to do this shit for you guys. check it out, rock it out, love it! i sufferred so you could listen to this. add it to your myspace page, your facebook, all that good shit, & check us out @ reverbnation, facebook, myspace, ursession, roadrunner.com & more to come... CJ- the Familiar Singer

New Band, New Songs, New nEW New!!!

check out our myspace for upcoming shows & events.