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Cast your vote to have Karmic Tattoo perform at Quaker Steak & Lube in Clearwater FL!... Go to our Facebook page to cast your vote! Thanks!!

More Than Skin Deep

All we can say is WOW!! Our CD release party at Fergs sports bar and grill was so great. We personally want to thank each and every one of you for your love, support and fervor. Could not have been a success without you all.

This CD runs the emotional gambit: love, anger, life, death.

Not an Ordinary Life (Track 12) is specially dedicated to our dear friend Life Baylon, who left us unexpectedly last year.

Thank you for everything you all do and have done. This is just the beginning of great things. Together we can accomplish anything!

Grass Roots Bulls Radio

Hey KT'ers

We had a great time chatting and making music with James Geiger and Landon on the Grass Roots Radio Show! (http://bullsradio.org/station/archives/2739)

What a great group of people there. Vanessa Brown enchanting as always! Check out our interview with James and Landon by clicking on or pasting the link into your browser....

Hamburger Mary's - Tampa

WOW... what a fun time we had at Hamburger Mary's Tampa. Met some really cool people..(Hi to Vincent and Lee from England!) Check out this place. Great food...Live music on Thursdays... Karmic Tattoo scheduled to perform: July 8th, July 15th July 29th and then every other Thursday opposite Double M! Gotta come out and have food or just have drinks and hang!!!

Karmic Tattoo Tribute- GREAT NIGHT

Hey ya'll... want to thank everyone who came out to hang with Karmic Tattoo and the loads of performers who jammed all night long at Gemini Lounge. ESD (Delaren, Lova) Judy K Jamie Pellington, Patti B Leslie Killie and all the others..... Thanks to our friend Karen Santos (AKA Kdawg) for throwing this great night for us... YOU ROCK.

Skippers and Cresendo Sisters Singing for Sistsers...

OMG Great show at Skippers!!!! Thanks to all those who came out to support Cresendo's efforts to make it to Chicago. No doubt they are gonna rock the stage with Chris Williamson. WMNF radio ROCKS!! Special thank you to Jeanne Holton for asking us to play. Love to all those peeps that traveled from Orlando to join us! WE HAVE THE BEST FANS and THe BEST COMMUNITY

Karmic Tattoo at Lilith Fair - Tampa

That is the headline we are shooting for. Currently we are in the running but we need your help to get to the next round of the competetion. Here are the steps you need to do to vote! Here's How to Vote (Thank you so much!)... 1) Sign up on Ourstage (http://www.ourstage.com/register_user) with a Fan account (you can sign in using Facebook too, if you prefer). Confirm your account. This is FREE! 2) Go to our page http://www.ourstage.com/profile/karmictattoo/fans 3) In the right-hand column http://www.ourstage.com/profile/karmictattoo/fans where it says "Is this your favorite artist?" click the green tab that says "Make This My Favorite Artist" 4) Then up near the OurStage logo at the top of the page, click the "Judge" tab 5) Over on the right click "Lilith Fair Channels" 6) Select "Lilith Local Talent Search: West Palm and Tampa" This is where it gets interesting... 7) You've gotta listen to at least 15 seconds of each song and rank them 8) Your decisions drive the best to the top of the rankings, so keep going till you get our song "Forever One Day Late" - you can do it...you’ve heard us play this song at our gigs, most likely Please keep clicking til you see us come up! 9) Tell your friends to vote too! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts :) Love, Lisa, Pam and Amy **Don't forget your username and password and email address!! You'll need it to vote in the next rounds! Details below: A little more info.... The 1st round of voting is from now - May 24th to select the Top 20. If we make it into the Top 20, voting continues from May 25th-28th If we make it into the Top 10, voting continues from May 29th-30th to select the winner! And then maybe Karmic Tattoo plays at Lilith Fair and we have a big party! Wahoo!