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only 4 months in..........

After a fairly quiet 2012 when i spent most of the year performing with my other passion in life Soundsational choir and writing or re writing some of my songs 2013 is heading in an interesting direction.

We are only 4 months in to 2013 and some amazing things have happened..... with my comrade choral singing friends, we embarked on an epic journey by recording Volume 1 of a 2 part album. This weekend we will share the stage with none other than Deacon Blue at real radio's Chas bash, (CHAS). Children’s Hospice Association Scotland look these guys up they are amazing

I really have been so busy however i did set myself a target and that target was to finish my solo album by July, i am well on target and i cant tell you how much work has went into this, however it has been very worthwhile.

pretty early on in the planning stages i decided with this debut album to concentrait on vocals just as much as instrumentation and i have some seriously good vocalists doing backing as well as main vocals, yesterday we gave birth to song no 5 and a duet was born

Studio is booked for the next song and we will be over half way there.

Keep on keeping on..........

It's all back to basics for me as of now!

Sorry guys somehow i managed to delete the blog.

As someone once said "Music is not what i do it's what i am" so with that in mind it's time to get to work and start writing some new songs as soon as i have enough i will be back in the studio recording keep your eye on the Facbook and here for more info

The Other Side
The Other Side  (about 5 years ago)

Get on with it, then. About bloody time.

Thomas McCallum
Thomas McCallum  (about 5 years ago)


Strangetouch 2010

It hardly seems a year from writing last years big blog, however the fact that i am writing this one means it has to be. 2010 for strangetouch has to the most stable year that we have had since we got together in late 2008, now that we have settled on the nucleus of the band all that remains is to find our bass player, i am sure this will happen when the time is right Last year we ventured near and far to promote our music with trips to Dundee, Edinburgh & Forfar we have played along side some fantastic unsigned bands, The other side, Fireside aliens, majestic dandilion, to name but a few as well as supporting some top unsigned bands such as The Trade from Forfar to be honest we could not do it without the help of you guys and you have no idea what that means to the band we hope to have your support throughout 2011 so this is our thank you list (in no particular order) Soundwave Studios Pirate Promotions TFR Promotions Kincaid Live Os Records Kirby The Other side Millgate bar Macsorley's The Art Bar Whistle Binkies The Village The Mint Splash Radio Roy Weeton Music news scotland The Ark mag The SoundHaus Michael Gallacher Dusty Miller and to all the folk who have attended our gigs a big thanks it's you guys who make it all worth while' A special thanks goes to the following who continue to help promote the band Yvette Webb, Robert Mac, Greig Stott, Shimmie Trace, tracey lesa, Kelly Keehn,Ann Moodie, Chris A Wright, Kath Lord Green, Jim Davidson with all that said we would like to wish you all a happy and prosperious new year and look out for some new recordings soon Thomas, Neil, & ken (Strangetouch)

Way out west

It is raining again is the first line of a Supertramp song and oh yes! It was the first thought that entered my head this morning when I awoke from my slumber. Well it is the Glasgow fair after all More news on the band once again we are without a drummer so the search begins again Another gig date August 21st at The Ash bar Montrose And that we just cannot wait, our regular gigging all started away back in January when I received an e-mail from Andy The Trade’s manager asking us to come up to Dundee to do a wee gig with them Although we do credit the Kincaid Live team giving us our first break including us in the Kincaid live 2 gig Things at times here in Strangetouch villa’s can get a bit full on and to be honest I like some me time So I took myself off out to town yesterday buying some new guitar strings I ended up walking all the way up west And yes a trip to byres road wouldn’t be right without a visit to Fopp I was introduced to this Aladdin’s cave of music by the said Mr & Mrs KL I came away with a copy of The Police album Zenyatta Mondatta Thin Lizzy’s Live and Dangerous album   Funny enough when I came out of the shop who was the first person I bumped into ? Tom who played along side me at the first gig I did and most of you will not know but Tom Brown is an artist and he was having an exhibition in the Hillhead library pretty cool stuff going on there And he has an exhibition on in Urban Outfitters in Buchanan street so if you have some time check it out   Today we did a private gig in a rooftop location next to the river and what a day, location was perfect conditions were good and we set sail lol well it was a Pirate themed party and arrrr me hartys it was a decent gig i will add some pics and more when i receve them Thanks Patrick for setting our sound Edmundo, from pirate music for setting the gig up your a good man and his brother Bob for inviting us good day for us last but not least well done to Patrich Bullen and Vivian Scotson on their London gigs we watched on line you did yourselfs proud if you are interested in going to the montrose gig we are thinking of putting on a mini bus pm me if you want to go so its bye for now and remember Be good Thomas x