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Happy July Friend's

Don't foget to grab your "6 Free Downloads" Yep!! & Have a Beautiful Strong Day Friend's,.... God Bless :)

Health Update

Friends..... .... First off, I have been gone for awhile, It got really bad, I tier real quick friend's, so I will check in here and let everyone know how Im doing & I'll stop by facebook & twitter, sound good? I Thank You All for the LOVE, Thoughts & Prayers, I fell them all!! :) This really sucks, but what are you going to do! just doing what the Doc. say's! I get confused real quick, I can not retain anything, so if I repeat, this is why!! I don't normally talk abount myself, but I do have the cancer (my right kidney) & This is My Journey! month by month, fighting the good fight!! follow me if you like! My Blog's are Creative, Imaginative, Interactive, Fun & Strong.... There's a lot of great links, most will turn this page over, so come back!! & some will open another window, so bookmark me, there's Free; Music, "Cyber Gift's", Video's, Art, Articles

Update on Health

Hello & Welcome Friends, I want to welcome all my new Fans!!! Thank you!! and don't forget to grab your "Free Downloads" I really enjoying getting to meet everyone of you! I'am doing ok friends, just tier easy, I'am fighting the good fight friends. I really appreciate all the Love & Support, Thank you. I'll be back & stronger than ever! I have alot of things planned so stay tuned! You Comment me, I'll Comment You! Sound good! After I finish the the task at hand,I will be doing a Drumm Clinic,info still in the works. but there will be famous Drummers as well! stay tuned!