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VooDoo Mama

Voodoo Mama is the working title to my new recording project. I have set these limits: 1. Band oriented 2. mostly blues and R and B Rock music though it will have a few country flavored songs on it. The instrumentation will be limited to 4 or 5 pieces. Drums,Bass,Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar, Dobro and Slide Guitar. Also some flavoring from Mandolin and fiddle . There will also be a couple of backup voices. The focus will be on the feel of the songs. The recording will be slightly dirty with a live atmosphere though no outside ambient noise will be added. All of this is subject to change because that's the way I work. I am still writing the project, though I have enough material twice over right now. It's more fun that way. I'll update you as I know what is happening myself. This is the most excited I have been on a project.