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This is what's been happening...tour updates

So the last week or so has been great but very hectic. First off we spent a few days out in California when we went to play the Viper Room with our good friends The Ruse. We rented a sweet house in Venice, got some great food, chilled with friends and hung out at the beach. Thanks to everyone that came out to our first ever west coast show. The show was great, we rocked out and the club said we could definitely come back so look for another LA show sometime early 2008. Hopefully when we come back we'll swing down to a few other cities for shows as well. We took the red eye home on Friday night (I watched Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer... fair) and then headed out to Fredricksburg, VA where we played a really fun show for a great bunch of people at the Irish Brigade. It was a long set so we got to jam out some of the tunes. Definitely our best Fredricksburg show yet. Brian and I then took part in the DC Global Mala on Sunday (www.dcglobalmala.com) playing djembe for hundreds of yogis, which was a really cool experience. Monday we had off and then played an acoustic show Tuesday at the Santa Fe Cafe in College Park, MD with Teddy Geiger. We'll be back there on Oct. 12th with the full band so be sure to check it out if you're in the area. I broke a string on the very last song, thankfully it happened then. For anyone that notices I seem to always break my g-string (go ahead...), not sure why but it's pretty consistent. That's not important, but just wanted to share a little bit about myself that you might not have known. I'm sure you feel better now. Last night we eventually made our way out to Potomac State College in West Virginia where we played to a great crowd of some new friends. Thanks to all who came out and stuck around, especially those of you that bought CDs. We truly appreciate your support. Thanks to everyone that came out these last couple weeks to hear the band, whether it was your first time or your fourteenth. Without you we'd be poorer than we are... and a lot less happy. Seriously, by coming out to shows and spreading our music to people you are helping us live out our dreams. We are truly blessed to have the fans that we do and we love you all. I'm really feeling our momentum building with our schedule constantly filling up and our fanbase growing- so I'm getting emotional--- someone get me a tissue. Keep coming out... we'll keep bringing it! Much love, Michael