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"Now Is Tomorrow" collaboration

The "Now Is Tomorrow" video just released on YouTube. Anderson Williams Black Young. A wonderful collaboration with three awesome musicians! very please with the final!

EACH CD project in Duplication now

The band EACH is now awaiting the duplicators to send back the CD of the new album, EACH DAY EACH NIGHT. It has been a long and time consuming project with 15 awesome songs and so much production work it would take many pages of blogs. Paul and Dale and I will be working on marketing strategies to get this project out there and hopefull share our music with more of the world. It is a project we are all very proud of and believe it will hold up well in time! Ray

The Retreat done!

It took longer than planned to produce this second solo CD. Songs were deleted and different ones added toward the end to make the Cd flow a little better. Finally the artwork took longer than I thought it would be experimenting with some graphic design programs allowed this to happen. The mastering was done again with Ozone4 and went well. I can focus more on the EACH CD and bring it out. All is going well with that project. During the time I started and finished up "The Retreat", I have put together quite a log of vocal oriented songs and am still going through the process of finishing these to be solid demos at this time.